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NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller Review



NZXT's latest fan controller, the Sentry Mesh, is a low-profile, mostly stealthy design, and beyond a couple minor technicalities, is an excellent unit. Its use of linear potentiometers keep the facade very clean and flat, while the all black construction and near lack of bright LEDs keep it very stealthy. Build quality is very solid and it feels as though it will have no problem holding up to general use with ease and more. Complimenting the general build quality is the steel mesh used. It easily matches the mesh of the Cooler Master Storm Scout and will likely match the rest of Cooler Master's cases, possibly even some other manufacturer's cases as well. Each channel is capable of supplying 30W of power. Although this is 5W short of what Sunbeamtech's Rheosmart 6 offers, 30W is still plenty, even for the most power-gobbling fans. A complimenting contrast to the Sentry Mesh's power capacity is that at a minimum it will still run each fan at 4.8V, keeping your case virtually silent while still providing airflow, so that overheating is as minimal a concern as possible.

There are only a few minor drawbacks. Immediately obvious is the single white LED that can be somewhat bothersome depending on your angle to it. None of the cables are braided or grouped together in any way, increasing the potential for frustration and tangled or snagged cables. Mitigating this somewhat are the cables' identification tags for quick fan swapping. Finally, there are only five channels. Although most fan controllers offer from four to six channels, so this isn't a low or oddball offering, I do require a sixth channel that this controller doesn't have. On the other hand, if one only needs less than or exactly five channels, NZXT's Sentry Mesh is certainly worth considering. These are minor problems that I and perhaps some others would take issue with, but I also recognize that still others might not, so I don't hold them against NZXT too strongly. Overall, if you're looking for a high quality, inexpensive, good-looking fan controller, the Sentry Mesh is definitely worthy of consideration. All that you need to consider is if it will meet your needs, and if so, at an introductory price of $25, it's certainly a very good deal. All you have to do to get one is wait for NZXT to get some stock shipped out to retailers.



  • High quality construction
  • Sleek and low-profile
  • Steel mesh matches with case mesh
  • Individually numbered cables
  • 30W per channel capacity
  • Fans powered at lowest setting



  • Cables not braided/grouped
  • Single LED can be bothersome depending on orientation
  • Only five channels


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