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NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller Review



Installing the NZXT Sentry LX is as simple as installing an optical drive into a 5.25 inch bay. All you need to do is to open two empty adjacent drive bays. Then, insert the unit face out, securing it to the drive cage using screws or a tool-free device. Unfortunately, the screws are not provided with the fan controller, so if you absolutely need to use screws, you will need to get them elsewhere.













Then, you just need to connect the fans to the headers. As you probably noticed, only fans using 3-pin connectors can be plugged in. Those with four pins, such as the processor heatsink plug, and those using Molex connectors, can't be plugged in. That left me with only two fans I could control. As for the temperature probes, you can place them wherever you want. They can be put on the side of a processor heatspreader, but they will always indicate lower temperatures compared to the integrated temperature probe. That is normal, since the probe is not inside, like the integrated one. So, they are the most effective for reading the temperature of items that the probe can be attached to, such as hard drives, chipset heatsinks, ambient air temperatures, and just about anything you can attach the probe to.



I also want to warn you that you should not put a probe directly between the processor and the heatsink. The small bump will prevent good contact between the CPU and HS/F, and you might cause overheating.



The instructions for setting the Sentry LX up are clearly explained in the user's manual. You can't go wrong if you follow these steps. To show you how easy it is, I will explain it in my own words:

  • First of all, Date, Time, and Alarm should be set. In order to do that, push the SET button many times to scroll between the functions, until the one you want to set is flashing. Then use UP and DOWN arrows to set the correct value. When you're finished, just leave the unit a few seconds. It will automatically exit the SET mode.
  • To set the Temperature Alarm settings, press and hold the DOWN arrow key. Then push the SET button to scroll through the temperature setting of each probe. When you've selected the probe you want to set, use the UP and DOWN arrows to adjust the Temperature Alarm. When you're finished, let the unit idle for a few seconds, like when setting the clock.
  • To toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius, hold the UP arrow. You will then see the units changing.
  • To toggle between Automatic and Manual fan controlling modes, simply push the MODE button.

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