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NZXT Sentry 2 Review



The Sentry 2 is one of the coolest fan controllers I've used, and for one main reason: it's got a touch screen! The Sentry 2 is a nice little treat to add to your system. Along with looking really cool, you'll be able to silence those noisy fans when they don't need to run at 100%. Or maybe you want them to run just enough to keep your system at the temperatures you want. Either way, the Sentry 2 gives you the ability to do this.

Along with the ability to control fans, you'll be able to monitor temperatures of up to five different pieces of your hardware. I'll admit it can be hard to find five things you want to monitor, but for those of you with Tri-SLI configurations, the Sentry 2 would be perfect. If you'll use the Sentry 2's temperature sensors as they're supposed to be used, you can set it up so the fans automatically speed up when the areas around them get too hot. If you manually adjust your fans, the Sentry 2 makes for a great way to monitor temperatures on the fly. This means that you don't have to constantly open Core Temp, CCC, HWMonitor, eVGA Precision, or whatever you might be monitoring temperatures with.

Sadly, this greatness does come with a problem. It isn't a big problem, but it really did irritate me. The main irritation was the lack of instructions. I don't expect much, and quite frankly I hardly ever finding myself using them. But come on - a 3" by 2" page, half of which was taken up by "Support and Service", is way under doing what needs to be done for an instruction manual.

Even so, with glowing lights and a fancy touch screen, the NZXT Sentry 2 managed to find a place in my heart. If you're looking for a fan controller, I'd pick up a Sentry 2!



  • Touch screen!
  • 5 fan connectors
  • 5 temperature sensors
  • Manual control
  • Auto control
  • Overheat alarm
  • Defective fan alarm
  • Back light that can be shut off
  • Can display in both C and F



  • Very poor instruction set


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