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NZXT Precise 1000W Power Supply

American Future Technology
Price: $335.00 US



If you’ve got any kind of up-to-date system, you are well aware of how important having a properly sized power supply is.  From experience, an undersized power supply causes many problems that are seemingly unrelated.  Problems like computer lock ups, BSODs, programs that start having weird flaky problems, even data corruption can occur.  These problems are sometimes hard to troubleshoot and you’ll probably end up blaming your motherboard, RAM, or processor.  The solution to the problem is, of course, to ensure that you have the right size power supply for your system.

If you are anything like me I tend to keep components like my power supply and case for much longer than I will keep the other internal components, like the motherboard or RAM.  So when choosing the power supply, I always try to get the best of what’s available at the time of purchase, to reduce the chances of having to change it in less than a couple of years.  As with most other components in today’s market, you have a wide variety of products to choose from.  Power supplies range from 200W to 1200W and are continuing to increase in output and available options.  NZXT is a relatively new player in the market of cases and now power supplies.  The Precise 1000W is one of the newest power supplies that it has to offer.

NZXT is a company whose philosophy and direction is guided by the idea of keeping up with the gamer’s dreams.  Based in Taiwan, NZXT is a relatively new player in the market of computer cases, and even newer to manufacturing power supplies.  Established in 2004, NZXT has wowed the computing community with its beautifully designed and well thought out products.

Closer Look:

The packaging on the PRC-1000W is quite conservative but is filled with all of the information that you would ever want to know about this power supply.  High definition graphics on a black background and the sheer weight of the package are very appealing qualities.  They definitely made me take a second look.

Inside the box I found it hard to believe you could cram so much into such a small space.  A multitude of cables with different connector configurations, adapters, Velcro cable ties, zip ties, an instruction manual, and of course the power supply are all the items that I found inside.

The adapters that are supplied are used to convert a SATA cable to a molex connector.  However, there are two molex / floppy drive cables supplied, each with three molex connectors.

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