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NZXT Phantom Case Review



Putting all the pink jokes aside this case was honestly too much fun to review. Hardware wasn’t too difficult to get in the case compared to most. Like I had mentioned before the only real issue I had was with the motherboard power connector not fitting through the small hole for it. The motherboard just sits too high and an already small hole cut in half makes no room for the cable. Then again, with no window it worked out okay but I see this as something that should have been caught in the design stages. After getting all my hardware in there I truly like the way it looks. The pink is very different from any case I’ve ever owned and will probably remain one of the most unique cases I’ll ever own. But like I said, if you have that special someone you are still trying to introduce to gaming…if she loves pink this might be for her – but don’t forget, not all of us girls LOVE pink (urban legend). So it might not be the PINK from Victoria Secret but…it is better than the “pink nightmare” from A Christmas Story… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!



  • PINK (for some it’s a PRO)
  • 5-channel fan controller built in
  • Fan LED control – turn off the lights!
  • Magnetic door on the front panel to hide those ugly optical drives



  • Motherboard power connector doesn’t fit in the cutout in the motherboard tray
  • Cabling in general a little of a pain, small grommets and low clearances
  • Paint isn’t a powder coat – I’ve already nicked a few spots around screw holes
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