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NZXT Phantom Case Review

Price: $124.99


The NZXT Phantom series has a new variation up on the market. It isn’t exactly a variation that most people would perceive – it’s not another drive bay addition, nor addition of fans, rather it is the addition of another color option for the case. When OCC reviewed the NZXT Phantom in July 2010, it was available in red, white, and black inside and out. Recently NZXT has decided to get in touch with their feminine side, or rather their upset stomach, and offer up a Pepto-Bismol Pink Phantom…now that’s alliteration.

Now if Pepto-Bismol was not your favorite medicine growing up, I know I was afraid of it – every time my grandma would make me take it I’d throw up; now whether that was an actual side effect of the medicine we’ll never know, I won’t take it anymore…this case should be pretty easy on the stomach. I’m guessing most of you males out there won’t be jumping to buy this for yourself, but perhaps it’s finally a way to get that cute girl of yours interested in your favorite games. And those of you with a thing for pink – well it’s finally here for you; no more horrid spray paint jobs.

So let’s see what the medicine has in store for us today, will the NZXT Phantom Pink be the Pepto to settle your stomach, or is this one just too much for you to handle?


Closer Look:

Looking at the box itself it seems innocent enough. There’s no pink on the box and at first glance, I didn’t even know it was pink. The front of the box has the white version shown on a black background with all caps PHANTOM in the lower left corner. It’s a nice simple box front which I always enjoy; keep the secrets within the box in my opinion. The back of the box provides some quick features in a few different languages and suggests a red and black version of the case. Again…still no indication a pink version exists, why? Because this is the same box from last year – they really had me fooled.



The sides of the box give a rundown of the fan positions available and the fans included. It lists the motherboard sizes that will fit and the basic clearances for video cards and CPU coolers. On the side with the color options red, black, and white remain unchecked and a large white sticker reading “PINK” is stuck on – yup the pink case does exist. Now I actually understand that I’ve been shipped a pink case – don’t let the intro mislead you, I didn’t know this was coming until it showed up on my doorstep.



Naturally I crack open the box to find out what shade of pink this case is to be, baby pink, hot pink, magenta, carmine, Persian rose, peach, fuchsia, fandango…there are sooooo many pinks. However, at first glance, and further looks, the color is indeed Pepto-Bismol Pink simply put.


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