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NZXT Hades Review



We all know that cooling performance can either make or break a case. Companies can add as many features and novelties as they want, but if the cooling is sub-par, that pretty much dooms the product in the overclocking community. The Hades however, does not seem to be a case that will be lacking in cooling performance. It has two massive 200mm intake fans that will bring in cool air from the front and the side of the case and exhaust it at the top and rear of the case. Also, the fan speed controller will allow for better cooling if needed by simply turning the 200mm fans to their max. Though the case seems ideal for cooling, there is really only one way to know for sure. I am going to install the same components in the Hades that I have used across multiple cases and run the same benchmarks in the same controlled environment and see how it stacks up to the other cases.



Testing System:


Comparison Cases:












The NZXT Hades case cooled each component brilliantly and was leading the pack when it came to efficiently cooling the CPU. There was definitely a lot of air moving within the case, which is good for cooling, but it did create some noise. I would not consider it to be loud or bothersome by any means, but the fans can be heard. This is not a surprise though, due to the amount of airflow. Unfortunately, the fan controller did little to change the noise level as the two smaller fans are the ones that I found were producing most of the noise.

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