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NZXT H2 Classic Review

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Though the NZXT H2 Classic may not have been a top performer in our stress testing, one aspect that we do not test in our reviews is noise. Adding this as a comparison, the H2 Classic would have certainly come out on top when put against the other comparison cases in this evaluation. The wire management accommodations are clean and overall it is a nice case. The paint is laid on thick and the construction is rigid. The only thing I didn't like about the white color is that it was difficult to photograph in a white light-box! NZXT took a lot of care during the design and assembly process, as I can tell it is very thought out and put together well. I like how the wires are routed and cleaned up out of the box and the lengths are appropriate. I really like the contact-style fans on the front and I wish more manufacturers would adopt this type of interface — I've been asking this of manufacturers for years! The neatest thing about it is that the housings are modular, meaning that I can plug any 3-pin fan into it if I choose.

I will say that I would have made only two suggestions to NZXT out of everything that I discovered throughout the entire case. The first one is the airflow restriction around the front intake fan. The only measure NZXT took here is the small vent between the "foot" and the door at the bottom of the front door. This is simply not enough, especially for two 120mm fans! Some slotting around the perimeter of the bottom of the door or maybe perforations in the front would have sufficed and certainly improved airflow. The other thing is the inability to route wires from behind the motherboard tray and back into the inside of the chassis through anywhere but the pre-cut holes. I generally get creative and snake GPU power cables through hard drive cages, or out through the outside of the motherboard tray, but unfortunately with the H2 Classic, these areas are blocked off or too small to pass through. Luckily, about 80% of wire management at the level I take it to is for looks only, which is a non-issue since there is no window in the H2 Classic.

Besides me maybe being a little picky about the wire management and flow impediments, the NZXT H2 Classic has a solid foundation for someone who wants a quiet, unique, good looking case that can house the latest hardware and not be overrun with excess heat — or noise for that matter. Though the temperatures weren't superb, the option to add two more fans into the case could definitely be taken advantage of and really help the chipset and GPU temperatures. So for those looking for a stylish and quiet case, the NZXT H2 Classic would be a perfect suit for those desiring around the $100 mark.



  • Quiet
  • Stylish
  • Overhead, integrated hard drive dock
  • 5-channel, 3-speed fan controller
  • Lots of room behind motherboard tray for wires



  • Restrictive airflow around intake fans
  • Closed-off motherboard area makes wire management a little challenging
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