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NZXT Beta Evo Review

Price: $59.99


Have you been looking to get a new chassis for your hardware? Maybe you are planning a new budget build with the way the economy is looking right now and you want to find a case that not only looks good but has some good features built into it with a smaller price tag on it? Whatever you are looking for, you may want to take a look at one of the cases that NZXT has come out with, the Beta Evo chassis. The NZXT Beta Evo case has some very cool looking features designed in the case. NZXT has also decided to take in mind that there are a bunch of people out there looking to get a new case, however they are not looking to spend an arm and a leg to get into the custom PC market so NZXT decided to put a smaller price tag on its Beta Evo case. I am curious to see exactly how well this case is going to be able to perform when it is compared to the other cases that are currently out on the market. Without further ado, let's take a look at what this case looks like.

Closer Look: 

The packaging that the NZXT Beta Evo comes packaged in is a very simplistic brown box, however it does have some printing on it to help describe what is packaged inside the box. The top left hand corner of the front of the package is where you are going to find out that the case was designed in Los Angeles. Under that is where you are going to see the Beta Evo logo printed with the simplistic description of "Black Interior Steel Mid Tower" letting us know what to expect to see when we open up the box. NZXT has printed a whole bunch of features that the company feels best describe the case on the front of the package so that you do not have to go look them up on NZXT's website, also to help sell the product better. Under the features list, you are going to find what type of cooling solution the Beta Evo is going to be able to provide as well as the expandability of the chassis. The bottom left hand corner of the package is where NZXT decided to place its company logo. On the sides of the package is where NZXT placed the specifications of the case, such as letting you know what kind of motherboard support the case can handle, the cooling options, the number of drive bays (internal and external), as well as the chassis material, weight, and dimensions. At the bottom of the side you are going to find the website for NZXT where you can find more information about the case. The front and the back and the two sides all have the exact same information printed on them respectively, which cuts down the amount of information that is printed on the package; however, they do list just the proper amount to let the consumer know exactly what they are going to find inside without placing a picture of the chassis on the package.










When you pull the case out of the outer packaging, you are going to find that NZXT has taken the proper steps to ensure the chassis is not going to be damaged during the shipping process. Not only do they have the molded Styrofoam at both the top and the bottom of the case to make sure that it not only stays in place and does not slide around inside of the retail packaging, it will also absorb any bumps that the package may encounter. NZXT has also wrapped the case in a plastic bag to keep any scratches from damaging the paint job on the case's exterior while it is inside the box and being shipped to your front door.



Now that we know what the NZXT Beta Evo's packaging looks like and how NZXT has placed the case inside of it, it's time to take an acual look at the case itself. 

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look Continued (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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