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NZXT Avatar S Review

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Are you sick and tired of your current mouse? Maybe you are not able to get the kills that you know you should be able to in your favorite first person shooter because your current mouse is not able to move across your screen as quick as it should be able to. Well you may be just in luck, as NZXT has just released a new mouse called the Avatar S. This mouse is capable of giving up to a 1600 DPI reading, allowing you to quickly move your mouse across your screen to get that headshot that you know you're capable of getting. The NZXT Avatar S does not require you to download and install any drivers for the mouse to properly function, nor for you to take advantage of the three DPI settings that the mouse can support. This mouse is aimed at the user that rests their hand on the mouse in a flat manner with their index and middle fingers resting on the left and right click buttons. I am curious to see exactly how well this mouse is going to be able to stack up against the competition, so let's get started.


Closer Look: 

Taking a look at the packaging for the NZXT Avatar S, you'll notice that it is a well put together package that shows simplicity as well as a little bit of elegance. The NZXT logo is printed in the upper left hand corner of the package with the Avatar S logo printed along the right hand side in white with a black background. On the left half of the package is a cutout with a plastic covering that shows off the actual NZXT Avatar S inside instead of simply using a picture to display the mouse. As you can see, the actual mouse features the same color scheme as the package does, white and black. When you take a look at the back of the package, you'll see a list of features in the center; they are listed not only in English, but Dutch, French, and Spanish as well. At the top of the package, you will find the Avatar S logo printed in the left corner and a sketch of the mouse in the right hand corner. At the bottom of the package are three badges that give you the highlighted features that NZXT wanted you to know about, which happen to be 1600 DPI, 16Kb onboard memory, and LED on/off.







Now it's time to get the NZXT Avatar S out of the packaging. The entire mouse is a white color with black highlighting accents throughout the design of the mouse. Looking at the NZXT Avatar S mouse head-on, you will see that it has your typical two buttons with a scroll wheel in the center — there are no other buttons located on the front section of the mouse, like some others have for DPI adjustments and macros. When you look at the back-end of the mouse, you will see that the body is very narrow — the base of the mouse kind of flares out on either end to give the edges of your hand support on the mouse, but allows the NZXT Avatar S to fit directly in the center of your hand. On either side of the mouse, you will find a small button — these are going to be your backward and forward buttons in your web browser of choice. On the left hand side (looking from the back of the mouse), you will find the NZXT logo, which lights up when the mouse is plugged in and your computer is turned on.




Flipping the NZXT Avatar S over, you will see the laser sensor in the center — a Precision 1600 DPI sensor allowing you to have a maximum DPI setting of 1600 and a maximum acceleration of up to 20G. You are also going to find the Model Number, Rating, and the Serial Number on the bottom of the mouse. The NZXT Avatar S was designed in Los Angeles and has a SVDC 150MA rating. Again, looking at the front of the mouse, you will see that there are only the two mouse buttons with the scroll wheel that also has a down-click function. As mentioned before, there are side buttons on either side of the mouse.



The USB cable that is attached to the NZXT Avatar S measures out to be just around seven feet long, giving you plenty of length to route the cable where ever you may need it to go. The USB plug is gold-plated to give you the best connection possible and does require a USB 2.0 port for full functionality. The mouse reports to the USB port at a polling rate of 1,000Hz.



Since the entire NZXT Avatar S functions with out drivers, but does still allow you to adjust your DPI settings, there needs to be a way to adjust the DPI setting, as well as a feedback indicator that shows you which DPI setting you have currently enabled. The NZXT Avatar S allows for 1600, 800, and 400 DPI and is easily adjustable once you figure it out. Simply press the side button on the left hand side of the mouse and with that button depressed, use the scroll wheel up and down to select the DPI setting you wish. When you have the 1600 DPI setting selected, the NZXT logo will show up as blue, while 800 DPI is pink and 400 DPI is red.


Now that we know exactly what the NZXT Avatar S looks like, it is time to take a look at the specifications and features of the mouse. 

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Testing: Setup and Results
  4. Conclusion
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