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NZXT Adamas Premium Crafted Chassis Review


Yes, I broke the seemingly indestructible case on its second day.  As you can see, the bottom half of the cover is screwed in solidly, while the top half is well...sitting there.  Not only that, but the cover itself is 3mm thick and the frame is like tinfoil. All this leads to disaster and the minute you bump into it like I did, it'll snap right off. Good Job NZXT for not paying attention the the little things, again.

Finally, the innards:

Nothing overly exciting about the case here.  As you can see, you have room to install four optical drives and five internal hard drives. The entire rack is finned for supposedly better cooling, but once again, I doubt it will make that much of a difference.  The motherboard tray is not removable, but it will probably just decrease strength anyway. You have a total of four 120mm fans, all of which have molex connectors. But hey, look at the incredible thickness of the metal. 2mm-3mm thick just like the outside, super strong! The aluminum inside the case is definitely a clean look. Notice that the motherboard screw holes are also labeled directly on the tray, a definite lifesaver!

Here you can also take a look at the locking mechanism of the doors. They have huge spring-loaded clips on the bottom for you to slide in.  The top latches are also equally as strong, forming a very strong and secure door, without any screws!

The front-panel connectors are all clearly marked; it has the on-board speaker and the standard USB motherboard connectors.  The audio connectors for the headphone and mic jack come in three varieties: Intel's new HD-Audio standard, the standard AC-97, and the manual AC-97 connectors for those weird motherboards.  The same is true with the 1394 Firewire port, which also has both standard and manual connectors.

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