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NVIDIA SHIELD Wireless Controller Closer Look:

Switching over to the SHIELD Wireless Controller for a moment, we come across a similarly simplistic design for its box; though hopefully this time without any relevant information withheld. What I would consider the front of the box is dominated by a large, almost life-size, image of the controller itself. The layout of the box is similar to that of the Tablet's box, the word "SHIELD" in bold white lettering in the top-left corner, with the words "WIRELESS CONTROLLER" underneath it in a thinner green font. The NVIDIA logo is once again in the top-right corner, while "THE MOST ADVANCED GAME CONTROLLER" is written in white across the bottom.









The back of the box lists four features across the top: console-grade controls; ultra-responsive Wi-Fi performance; stereo headset jack with chat; and microphone for voice search. Those features are repeated below that in six additional languages. Toward the bottom of the panel, NVIDIA lists what the controller is "compatible with", which includes the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. It then provides the URL for the controller's site to see the full compatibility list, which is good because the device has just been updated to support PCs running GeForce Experience (though only via the included USB cable, not via Wi-Fi).


The top of the box is once again solid NVIDIA-green with the NVIDIA logo in white, but this time contains a black plastic hang-tag for retailers to use. The left side of the box has a green area with "SHIELD WIRELESS CONTROLLER" written inside and a wireframe icon of the controller. This time around, the right side of the box is full black, while the bottom of the box contains the sticker with the relevant barcodes, regulatory icons, and specs. Although it's not really specs, but rather what is "included in the box": NVIDIA SHIELD wireless controller and a USB cable. That's it… absolutely no mention of the input controls, such as the touch panel or shoulder buttons/triggers, the latter of which isn't visible in any box image. Another major oversight by NVIDIA's box design team.


As with the Tablet's box, the lid for the controller's box is secured with two pieces of tape. Lifting the lid reveals the controller, with a cardboard fold-up section on the bottom that contains a green cable icon; yes, that's where the USB to micro-USB cable is housed. Removing the controller from its fitted plastic shell reveals not one, but two pamphlets this time around. The top one is SHIELD Wireless Controller Quick Start Guide, while the bottom one is the SHIELD Wireless Controller Support Guide. The Quick Start Guide is literally about as quick-start as it can get, simply stating "To connect the controller, run the SHIELD Wireless Controller app on your Android device." in multiple languages.




NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Cover Closer Look:

The box for the SHIELD Tablet Cover features a rather minimalist design like the previous two boxes, but with it being a mere cover, that's a bit more acceptable. The front of the box features a large image of the Tablet being propped up by the folded cover. The top-left corner once again contains the word "SHIELD" in bold white lettering, this time with the words "TABLET COVER" underneath it in a thinner green font. Curiously, there's no NVIDIA logo in the top-right corner this time around. Instead, the only NVIDIA logo present is on the slim top of the box, alongside a black plastic hang-tag. The other sides of the box are rather mundane.



Flipping over to the back of the box, written across the top is, "Protect your SHIELD tablet and display it at several viewing positions when gaming with the SHIELD wireless controller.*", with the asterisk informing us that both the tablet and controller are sold separately. As with the other devices, this message is repeated in six additional languages below it. Then, below those languages, is a quick little diagram of how it connects to the tablet and the three positions you can use it in to angle the device when in use. Spoiler alert: this diagram is the only instruction you receive.


While I'm showing you the Tablet Cover last, I actually opened its box before anything else because I wanted to have the cover ready to go once I removed the Tablet itself. You can never be too careful! You open the box simply by removing a single piece of tape at the bottom of the box; yes the bottom, not the top. Sliding out the innards reveals the cover laying inside a thin, black plastic shell. Not much protection, but it's a cover; it's job is to do the protecting, not receive it. As I mentioned above, the diagram on the back of the box is the only instruction you receive, so there is nothing else inside the box, not even a pamphlet.

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