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NVIDIA SHIELD Carrying Case Closer Look:

NVIDIA was kind enough to provide me with the official carrying case, which can be purchased separately for $39.99. When you have an expensive portable electronic device, you certainly don't want to go without a case for long. It's no coincidence that whenever I see someone using a mobile phone with a cracked screen, it doesn't have a case around it. The probability of the SHIELD's screen cracking during a drop (while closed) is probably slim, but you still wouldn't want to scratch the device or loosen the hinge.
















The SHIELD Carrying Case has a black mesh-like fabric outer texture, but is a relatively rigid shell to provide ample protection. It's shaped like the SHIELD, even down to the raised top center trapezoid and a contoured bottom. Looking at it from above, there's a rubber SHIELD strip that is sewn into the case. Just below the zipper, a green ring wraps around the case adding just a splash of color. The zipper itself has a rubber cover sporting the NVIDIA logo and name. It also has a triangle hook at the back of the case with a wrist strap included.


The coolest feature of the case is an "easy access plug" to charge the SHIELD without needing to remove it from the case. That is certainly a feature I wish my Vita case had. The plug itself is black rubber and features a USB icon and battery icon in white. The hole in the case that the plug covers has a black plastic border. Access to the Micro-USB port is easy and you can even see the LED charge indicator if you angle it right. As with any electronic device, the SHIELD does get hot when it charges, and thus the case does get warm, but it doesn't seem to be much of an issue – and I'm sure if there was any harm to having the device charge in an enclosed case, NVIDIA would not have designed such a feature.



The inside of the case is covered in black felt and is form-fitted so the SHIELD fits snugly inside. The top section has a mesh pouch to hold accessories, but it's an extremely tight fit. I could fit the USB cable by itself, but not with the AC adapter attached. Disconnecting the two, I was able to work both pieces into the pouch, but then the lid wouldn't close because the AC adapter protruded out too much. It's really just a minor gripe since most cases wouldn't even be able to hold anything extra, but still worth mentioning.



If you plan on getting a SHIELD, you'll want this case. It's actually the only SHIELD case on the market right now, but even if it wasn't, I'd still recommend it. Nyko showed off two cases at E3, but neither looked up to snuff compared to this one. If you're spending $300 on a piece of sensitive equipment, you're going to want to protect it. Don't be stupid.

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