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NVIDIA GTX 980 Review


NVIDIA GTX 980 Testing:

Power consumption of the system will be measured at both idle and loaded states, taking into account the peak voltage of the system with each video card installed. I will use Unigine Heaven Benchmark version 4.0 to put a load onto the GPU using the settings below. A fifteen-minute load test will be used to heat up the GPU, with the highest power usage recorded as the final result. The idle results will be measured after fifteen minutes of inactivity on the system with the lowest recorded power usage as the final result.


  • Unigine 4.0 Heaven Benchmark
  • 1920x1080 resolution
  • 8x AA
  • 15-minute load test
  • 15-minute idle test
  • Measurement is in watts

















Energy efficiency of the Maxwell core is on display here. Not so much in the idle numbers, but when you look at the load measurements, the reduction in power consumed when compared to the GTX 780 Ti and R9 290X is impressive, to say the least. At stock speeds you see an 81 watt improvement under load, and even when overclocked and over volted the margin shrinks somewhat. It is much more impressive seeing that the core as a whole delivers the best performance.

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