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NVIDIA F2P Bundle (2014) Review



In the previous NVIDIA Free-To-Play bundles, I would compare and contrast the titles in the conclusion of the review, in an attempt to show which I felt was best. I will not do that this time though for one very good reason; these games are too different from each other. Each one can satisfy a specific niche, making almost any attempt at comparing them irrelevant as one would play each for different reasons.


Warface offers straightforward action that can come in bursts just ten minutes long. For those times you just want to shoot things, this is a game to consider. It you want to shoot things with friends, it is even better. It would be nice if the economy were not so balanced to favor players who spend real-world money.

Heroes of Newerth requires investing a bit more time into each match as they can run from twenty minutes on up, and also has a steep learning curve for a new player. If you can climb that curve or have friends to help you, this is going to be a good game for someone looking for a more team-based and deeper game than Warface.

Path of Exile is designed to absorb more of your life than the other two games. I am not sure how long the campaign takes, but I would guess at least ten hours, and possibly between fifteen and twenty. That is for one character though, and there are multiple to choose from, as well as the different leagues to play in. Path of Exile is possibly deeper than Heroes of Newerth, but is more approachable with how it is presented to you over time.

Truly these games are all strong examples of their free-to-play genres and by having such different genres represented, almost any gamer will be able to find one to enjoy. Just know your interests and pick which one you want to jump in to.

  1. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Introduction
  2. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Heroes of Newerth
  3. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Path of Exile
  4. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Warface
  5. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Conclusion
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