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NVIDIA F2P Bundle (2014) Review


Heroes of Newerth:

Heroes of Newerth is a multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, which can pit as many as ten people against each other in a five vs. five fight. Like other MOBAs, you win by pushing down lanes, destroying towers, minions, and enemy heroes, until you finally come to your enemy's base. Once there, you destroy the central building to claim victory.

It may sound straightforward, but with the variety of heroes and abilities to choose from, along with the many items and their effects, the gameplay can be quite deep. To succeed you have to be aware of your own character and every other character in the game, and of course be aware of the map. You also have to employ strategies such as last hitting enemy minions to gain gold with each kill, and even killing your own to deny your opponents any rewards.

As the action will largely keep you removed from your base, where the shop is, your team has a courier that can be used to deliver items to you, wherever you are, assuming it is not delivering something else already. It may take some time to get what you need, but at least you are not leaving your lane undefended.







Though the most fun is likely to be had playing with and against other people, Heroes of Newerth does have the ability to put bots in games. This can be useful when you just want to jump in a match and mess around without bothering other people. I actually played a couple of bot matches after installing the game, because while I have some experience with MOBAs, this is the first time I have played this game. While much of the experience was similar, enough was different that my decision to have some practice matches first was a good idea. Also, it has been long enough since I last played a MOBA that I needed some time to re-acclimate myself.

Unfortunately there is one aspect of Heroes of Newerth that made getting used to it more difficult than I would have preferred. It appears that every hero to play is available to you at the beginning. The problem here is it makes the game not very approachable for someone unfamiliar with it. With such a wealth of options, how can someone make a decision? However, if you have friends who also play and are interested in playing with you, this issue will likely cease to exist. If nothing else, they will put up with you having no idea what you are doing as you learn.

All-in-all, I suspect that my last comment there may be the best description I can give this game. It is best played with people you know at first. Eventually you will become more comfortable as you climb the learning curve, and then you can jump in and win some matches with whoever. Either way, it is a fun experience, at least after you pick a hero to play as.

The microtransactions for this game appear to be limited to cosmetic items and some account items. These items are not going to influence your in-match play, but can still be useful, such as the Sub-Account, that can join different clans and have its own friends, while benefiting from the purchases of your main account. As these do not influence gameplay, Heroes of Newerth looks to be a true free-to-play title.

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