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NVIDIA F2P Bundle (2014) Review

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It is not uncommon to find select hardware components include bundled software and games, both to put the hardware to use and to entice customers to make a purchase. Last year NVIDIA had two Free-To-Play bundles, which gave gamers premium currency for some free-to-play games as a reward for purchasing certain graphics cards. The Free-To-Play bundle has returned for those purchasing GTX 650, GTX 750 graphics cards, and their variants, as well as GTX-equipped 700M and 800M notebooks. The three games you will receive $50 worth of credit in are Heroes of Newerth, Path of Exile, and Warface.

Along with looking at the experiences these three titles offer gamers, I will also consider if any fit the category of a pay-to-win game. Of course these games are free-to-play, with the only cost being the creation of an account, but to keep the developers' families from starving, some mechanism exists for players to spend money. The question is if these mechanisms allow a player to advance themselves ahead of their experience and time investment, and perhaps even eclipse those who have not spent any money.

With that covered, we can move on to see which of these games, if any, I enjoy and whether you may enjoy them as well.

  1. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Introduction
  2. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Heroes of Newerth
  3. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Path of Exile
  4. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Warface
  5. NVIDIA Free-To-Play 2014: Conclusion
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