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NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2 Review



With the three games looked at separately, it is time to look at them together and see which is best. Actually make that worse, because that is much easier to do with these three. Warframe is easily the weakest in this bundle with its poor single-player balance and excessively high requirements for upgrading in the game. If you enjoy investing many hours into a game with not much to show for it, or if you just need a game to play with friends, you may like it. If you want to play a game to enjoy it, and feel rewarded by what you are doing, then try the other two titles in this bundle.

So which is better; Marvel Heroes or Dungeon & Dragons: Neverwinter? Honestly, I cannot say. Personally I am finding myself enjoying Marvel Heroes more, but I do appreciate the experience of Neverwinter enough to recognize that many of you may prefer it. Perhaps this comparison will help explain myself: Marvel Heroes is a game, plain and simple, while Neverwinter is an immersive adventure. If you are looking for a distraction you can put one hour or several into, depending on how much free time you have at any moment, then you want Marvel Heroes. If instead you want a new game to invest time in every night and/or weekend, then Neverwinter will probably satisfy you best, with its deeper RPG design. It is possible that if I were looking for that kind of experience right now, I would say Neverwinter is best, but that is not the case now, so you have a tie; a tie between two enjoyable and well-designed games.

Now for two quick points I want to say about the bundle and this review. The first is that I have not benefited from this promotion and have not invested any money into these games. I simply installed and played these games for free, just as anyone can. The second point is that some may think that the idea of a Free-to-Play bundle is silly because the games involved are free. The bundle is not about the games, though, but the in-game currency that pays for the developers to continue supporting the game. If you want to support their efforts, this bundle gives you a new way to do so, while also getting you a new GPU. Not a bad deal if you need the hardware.

  1. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Introduction
  2. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Warframe
  3. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Marvel Heroes
  4. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Dungeons & Dragons - Neverwinter
  5. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Conclusion
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