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NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2 Review



Earlier this year, NVIDIA launched a Free-to-Play bundle, whereby purchasing select GeForce hardware would reward you with premium, in-game currency for certain free-to-play games. The green team has returned with another Free-to-Play bundle, this time featuring Warframe, Marvel Heroes, and Dungeon & Dragons: Neverwinter. Having reviewed that previous bundle, it only makes sense to review this one as well. The qualifying hardware this time are GTX 650 desktop GPUs and laptops with 700M Series GPUs.

Like the previous F2P bundle review, I am also going to comment on if the titles are 'Pay-to-Win.' For those of you unfamiliar with the term, many (if not all) free-to-play games offer small items for sale, as a means of producing revenue for the developers. Often you will see items such as costumes for sale via these micro-transactions, but sometimes the items can be much more impactful on gameplay. Depending on the impact those items have, gamers may refer to the game as 'Pay-to-Win,' meaning that only by purchasing items can someone complete the game or compete with other players, or that the items would take too long to acquire through in-game effort.

The current bundle gives you $25 worth of the in-game currency in each of the three titles, for a total of $75. Of course it is only if you play the game that you can benefit from the credit, so let us see what is worth playing.

  1. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Introduction
  2. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Warframe
  3. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Marvel Heroes
  4. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Dungeons & Dragons - Neverwinter
  5. NVIDIA Free-to-Play 2: Conclusion
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