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NVIDIA 'The Way It's Meant to Be Played' 2013 Press Event



NVIDIA is way more than just a video card manufacturer. While the hardware the company puts out is definitely impressive, I am even more impressed by the software development side. When Tony Tamasi stated that they want GameWorks to be to gaming what Industrial Light & Magic is to movies, I believe it. NVIDIA has a large team of engineers actively working to solve some of gaming's biggest problems. How can they make physics objects interact with each other in realistic ways without scripting? How can they create realistic real-time global lighting so developers no longer have to fake it through baking? How can they create volume-based fire and smoke in real-time? How can they get GPUs and monitors to work in unison to reduce stutter, lag, and tearing?

While I'm sure there are many people excited about GameStream, Twitch support, 4K Surround, and the GTX 780 Ti, it's NVIDIA's answers to those aforementioned questions that I'm most excited about. Flex, GI Works, and Flame Works are huge leaps forward for game development, while G-Sync will allow gamers to experience all that in buttery smooth goodness. Want to run your favorite game maxed out, but can't achieve a high, stable FPS? No need to worry if you have a Kepler GPU and G-Sync monitor. Those next-gen consoles may be getting most of the spotlight, but it's a great time to be a PC gamer!

I would like to thank Dave (bosco) for allowing me to represent OverclockersClub at this event and NVIDIA for inviting me to lovely Montreal. It was great seeing all this new NVIDIA technology first-hand, but it was equally great just to get to chat with fellow computer enthusiasts and especially some gaming legends – Tim Sweeney, Johan Andersson, and John Carmack. We also got the opportunity to visit the Ubisoft Montreal studio, which was sweet, but way too short.





NVIDIA has always treated the press and gaming community extremely well, and this event was certainly no exception. I can't wait to see what else NVIDIA has in store for us in the future! I will gladly admit to being a huge NVIDIA fanboy, dating all the way back to when I purchased a GeForce 3 Ti200 – but I think this event has proven my love is warranted. NVIDIA does so much more for gaming than most people realize.

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