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NVIDIA 'The Way It's Meant to Be Played' 2013 Press Event


To finish Day One off right, NVIDIA invited representatives from Warner Bros. and Ubisoft Montreal to show off live, never-before-seen footage of three highly anticipated titles that utilize NVIDIA technology. Sadly, we were not allowed to film any of the live demos.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Presented by Ben Mattes, Senior Producer







For those that aren't familiar with Batman: Arkham Origins, coming out on the 25th, the game takes place in "Year Two" of the Batman universe, featuring a younger, more raw Batman than the previous two Arkham games. The game will show his emergence from a masked vigilante obsessed with revenge to the Dark Knight we're familiar with, the protector of Gotham City. Ben explained how Year Two was chosen because the Year One comics have Batman stumbling around, so players wouldn't have felt powerful, while Year Two is still early in Batman's career wherein the police (and Gordon) do not trust him. It creates an interesting dynamic that permeates throughout the whole game. Black Mask has put a $50 million bounty on Batman's head, attracting eight of the top assassin's to Gotham on one night, Christmas Eve. Batman will have to defeat each assassin while also battling the police force who consider him Enemy Number One.

I have always considered the Batman Arkham games as the very best examples of PhysX implementation done right. I hear from many people who say PhysX doesn't make a difference in games, but those people obviously haven't experienced a Batman Arkham game on a NVIDIA-powered PC. Batman: Arkham Origins will be no different, featuring a slew of NVIDIA technology to enhance the experience and increase immersion. These technologies include Contact-Hardening Shadows, HBAO+, Depth of Field, Environmental Cloth, Blizzard Conditions thru Turbulence, PhysX Particles, Snowprints thru Tesselation, Tearing Cloth, Turbulence, and on Batman alone, TXAA, HBAO+, Soft Shadows, and Cape Tesselation. It's no wonder why NVIDIA invited Ben to show off a live demo of the game.

While Ben showed us several parts of the game, including the very impressive Bat Cave, the main reason for the demo was to show off the dynamic snow system. Batman: Arkham Origins features truly deformable snow with realistic shadowing. The game also features different depths to the snow, only on the PC; and not only does it react realistically to your movement, whether walking, running, or sliding, even the AI leave footprints in the snow – or body prints after you smash them to the ground. After some battles out int he snow, he took Batman (and us) into the Gotham City Police Department, where the game was equally impressive.

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