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Cooler Master NotePal U3 Review


Closer Look:

Three fans come with the NotePal and they are all connected to a fan controller. The fan controller clips on to either side of the U3 and has an analog wheel to allow for a range of fan speeds to be used. On the very end of the fan cord is a USB connector, which provides power to the fans. This USB connector allows for another USB device to be plugged into it, so you don't lose any USB ports by powering the fans. Two changes to these fans will be made before the U3 hits shelves: the length of wire between the fans and the fan controller will be lengthened to provide more flexibility, and the fan controller will have a rubber insert on the clip so it can better hold onto the base cooler.



















The fans that come with the NotePal U3 are unique in that they are designed to be able to be placed anywhere under the cooler and are easily movable by the user to best cool the laptop that sits on top. These fans attach to the cooler using a unique pin system. On the side of the fans, there is a button that can be pressed to push a row of pins in line with the holes in the cooler. The fan can then be placed wherever the user wants and is secured in place by releasing the button, expanding the pins back out. While this might sound complex, it is really quite simple and didn't take long to figure out. The base of the cooler is fairly large, made out of aluminum to help with heat dissipation, and is designed to accommodate up to 19" laptops.



My 15" MacBook Pro sits comfortably on the NotePal U3, and I didn't have any problem with it sliding at all. Also, the U3 can be used as a laptop carrier with the included elastic band. My 15" MacBook Pro was held comfortably, but I don't know if I would use this as a preferred method of transportation from day to day because there is no protection against drops or bumps.


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