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Noise Isolator (RH-35) VR Fan Speed Controller


It's pretty obvious in our forums, that I am a big fan of Vantec's Tornado fans, and while I've had time to adjust to the noise level (or maybe I'm just deaf now, eh?) I still have people around the house (and on the phone) complain about the noise from the fans. Due to this I quickly sought a way to adjust the fan speed which in return reduced the noise, and in December 02, I took a look at Vantec's NXP-201 Nexus Fan Controller. It was a great product, and looked cool at the same time, in short, I loved it. Today, I'll be looking at a very similar, but smaller product, the Noise Isolator RH-35 Fan Controller.

• 4 Channel Output
• 13 Watts per Channel
• 12V 10% DC Input
• 12V PWM Output to Fans

What You Get
Included in the package was:

• 1x 3.5" RH-35 Fan Controller
• 1x Y-Splitter Power Cable
• 2x 3-pin Extension Cables
• 4x Mounting Screws (In a Bag)
• 1x Instruction Sheet

A Closer Look

The RH-35 I received has a silver face, with LEDs that are dark blue to almost a purplish color. It's available in a few other flavors as well, and from what the box displays, my guess would be Black face with blue LEDs, and a blue face with red LEDs. Don't know about any of you, but that last one just doesn’t appeal to me.

Taking a look at the back of the controller, we can see the PCB, as well as the fan and power connectors. The controller is mounted to the faceplate via two black screws located on each side. I removed the screws, and tried to take it apart to show the front of the PCB, but the knobs and the plastic around them are helping hold the thing together, so I decided not to break it. From what I could see, the RH-35 does appear to have 5 LEDs, one on each side of the knobs.

Since I keep bring up the NXP-201, why not have it shown with the RH-35? As you can see in this image, and in the one below, the RH-35 has a brushed look that makes it look as if it were built specifically for the Lian Li case. - Pay no attention to the archaic removable storage device.

Here is a closer look at the RH-35, again showing how well it matches up to the Lian Li case.

And of course, here it is again glowing in the dark. The picture actually makes the LEDs look lighter than what they are. While they are nice and bright, the color is still dark. Bright but dark.. hrmm, I should get flamed for that one...

...here you can see the light put out by the NXP-201 and the RH-35. As you see, both light up very well, but the RH-35 is a darker blue. - There, that sounds better.

The RH-35 was able to control my 4x 80mm Vantec Tornado fans with no problems, and at 13W per channel it could even handle the 12.5W of a 92mm Vantec Tornado. The blue LEDs put off a nice glow, and the fact that matches the Lian Li case so well is an extra plus. While the LEDs for this controller do not dim with the fan speed, I have received word that a later version of this will dim the LEDs with the fan speed. Another nice thing about this, is it's small and can fit in the now almost useless floppy drive bay, leaving your 5.25" bays open for things like LCD screens, HDD coolers, or other important things. :)



  • Easy To Install
  • Bright
  • Looks cool
  • No Wire Cutting Involved


  • None
I'd like to think the moddin' man, Bill over at MNPCTech for sending this to me for review.

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