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Noctua NH-D9L Review


Noctua NH-D9L: Conclusion

Noctua, like always, continues to make its products with considerable thought and care. The NH-D9L fills a even greater gap than the NH-U9S, while still covering the basics by focus on the low performance stock coolers from both Intel and AMD and provides something that can dissipate a large volume of heat within small confinement. The extra bit difference here is the D9L is 3U compatible allowing for a even smaller footprint reaching only 110mm. This is where I often run into this problem with a chassis, where I find it to be great, but lack the height to install a decent size aftermarket cooler. A great example would be Cooler Master Stacker series with its ITX chassis. That chassis was a rough sell considering the zero extra space. This is where Noctua comes in!

While All-In-One (AIO) coolers are great it doesn't always fit within the users build preference or budget. It's also true that not every consumer wants to overclock, but do like the idea of lower temperatures compared to stock coolers. While in the ITX and HPC market, the NH-D9L fits perfectly within the socket specifications for Intel or AMD. This is great for small form factors like ITX, Micro servers and motherboards.

Noctua has always been at the top of the game because of good performance and quality fans. In fact, the NH-D9L has managed to match the U9S benchmark temperatures in a even smaller form factor. That alone is an achievement in itself. Noctua has always been a company with high quality standards, and while missing the market with two fans, it makes up for it in space savings.



  • Compact Size
  • ITX Compatibility
  • Cooling Performance
  • Easy to Mount
  • AMD & Intel Socket Compatibility



  • Dual Fan Mounting.


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  5. Noctua NH-D9L: Conclusion
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