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Noctua NF-A4, NF-A8, NF-A9 Review


Noctua NF-A4, NF-A8, NF-A9: Conclusion

Noctua is always striving to create a better balance between noise and performance. Noctua is always pressing forward and advancing the engineering behind the products released. If you ask anyone who has quiet, high performance fans for computing, Noctua is going to be on the tip of the tongue. I believe Noctua will continue to strive for perfection by releasing new products. These fans are just a set of the many that have come before and the many that will continue to be released.

Compared to the models that Noctua succeeded with (as mentioned in on the very front of the box), there are gains. The Flow Accelerations Channels are the real difference here and are likely the reason for the improvements. However, these improvements are not across the board. These fans use more power (still barely enough to even blink at though) and are slightly to a fair bit louder. However, they have higher RPMs, better CFM, and much better static pressure ratings. This still easily constitutes an improvement in my book and simply exemplifies the difficulties present in trying to reduce noise while improving performance.

It is a hard task and reality dictates that at an eventual point, no improvements will be viable without generating more noise. It is unfortunate that OCC doesn't have a test setup for these fans so that they may be tested with real temperatures, but at least the specifications are usually an honest representation of the real performance when compared with other fansb(assuming the specifications themselves are honest, which coming from Noctua is practically a guarantee).

As will all of Noctua's premium gear, these fans come with a premium price tag. These fans run from around $15 dollars to about $20, which is pretty high for this fans size. This is nothing new really because in general (without inflation and niche markets) you get what you pay for and Noctua has always been worth it. If you want less sound humming from your computer case and better cooling, look no further. Even with their size, these fan models with their high static pressure are up to the challenge. As with all of its products, these fans come with a six year warranty, which is longer than some fans last all together. These fans show a little less improvement than I had hoped, but they are an improvement none the less and are very impressive. I would certainly recommend them for all of your small fan needs.



  • Flexible RPM (Low Noise Adapters)
  • Nearly silent (when numerically compared to other fans)
  • Low power consumption
  • Powerful
  • Much better static pressure


  • Expensive (nothing new, business as usual)
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  1. Noctua NF-A4, NF-A8, NF-A9: Introduction
  2. Noctua NF-A4, NF-A8, NF-A9: Specifications and Features
  3. Noctua NF-A4, NF-A8, NF-A9: Conclusion
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