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Bright blue neon light kit

Price: $26.00 USD

A few weeks ago I did a review on the Plexi Window Kit, sold by PCCaseGear.com. Today, I'm reviewing a Bright blue neon light kit that they sell. Now, we have a window installed, but what good is a window without a way of seeing inside? That's where neon lights come in. There are many colors of neon lights that you can choose from. I picked a Blue light because I thought it would look really nice in my case since my case is solid black. I originally had some black lit lights from StreetGlow, and today we're going to see if they're any match for these Blue Neon Lights.


  • 3 Watts of power (less than a hard drive).
  • Length: 12.6 inch / 31.9 cm (mounting screw brackets can be removed to reduce to 30.16 cm)
  • Width: 3.175 cm
  • Height: 3.175 cm
  • Switch Diameter: 1.9 cm


    • One piece unit can be mounted with no tools - plug in and go!
    • Includes sturdy switch that is easily mountable in bays or case doors
    • Includes an additional molex power plug to avoid the loss of a plug.
    • Can be mounted with double sided velcro tape (included)
    • Low energy consumption
    • Very low heat output
    • Includes drilling template (for switch) and complete instructions

    In the kit you'll receive the neon lights ofcourse, double sided velcro tape (used to mount your neon lights), on/off switch, transformer, drilling template for the switch, and ofcourse the standard instructions.

  • The two neon lights

    The on/off Switch

    The transformer

    The instruction guide

    If you wanted to, you could mount your lights and plug the lights into your power supply, flip the switch on, and be done with it. I was actually thinking about doing just that! Since I never turn my computer off, and my computer is in my computer room, so the bright neon lights wouldn't keep me up at night. However, if your computer is in your room, the bright lights might keep you up but, then again it would also make a great night light :) Depending on your preference, you can choose to install and mount the on/off switch or not. Since alot of you would, and it makes it look much more professional, I chose to go ahead and mount the switch. Cutting the hole out for the switch, really wasn't the hardest part for me. The hardest part for me, was trying to find a place to put the switch :) First, I thought about cutting a hole in the case itself but, the more I thought about it, I figured it would be easier, faster, and may even look better, if I installed it in my emtpy floppy drive slot. The floppy drive slot, was the perfect size for the switch.

    One, problem I noticed was that the power cable that connects to the on/off switch was short, and it made it hard to reach the only molex within a foot from where I was mounting the switch. I think they should improve the two wires that go to the switch, by making them atleast 6 inches long.

    One good thing about mounting the on/off switch in a empty drive bay or floppy bay is that, the bay is made of plastic, which makes it very easy to cut with a dremel, unless of course you're Mr. money bags and have one of those expensive aluminum cases :) An aluminum case should still be easy to cut though. The kit is suppose to include a switch template, but unfortunately my kit did not include one, I probably just lost it like the washer, when I did the plexi window review lol. If you do loose the switch template, don't sweat it, it's very easy to do without it. Before you start drilling anything in your case, you should use some masking tape to tape up where you will be cutting. This should keep your case from being scratch up when cutting, especially if you have a custom painted case. I used my all mighty dremel to start a hole where I wanted the switch to go. Then, I hollowed the hole out until the switch would fit.

    This process only took a couple of minutes to complete. I told you it was really easy to do :) Once the switch is installed, you can proceed by plugging the two wires with the pink plugs on the end, in to the two terminals on the on/off switch that you just installed. Lastly, put your drive bay back in to your case, if you mounted it in your drive bay, that is. If you have already mounted your lights and plugged them in to the transformer that was provided, you should be done! It took me about 8mins to completely install the kit, from installing lights, install the switch, and taking pictures as I go :)

    I was very impressed at the amount of light these put out! These Blue Neon Lights make my old blacklit lights that we reviewd last month look really bad. This kit is super easy to install! Comes with everything you need, and all the wires are pre-wired and no tools are required, unless you choose to mount the on/off switch. The only small problem I had was the two wires going to the switch were almost too short. Besides that, this kit is a outstanding product, and a must have addition to any case!

    Pic with Glowire on

    Pic with Glowire off


    • Looks awesome!
    • Pre-wired
    • Very easy to install

    • Switch wires a little too short

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