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Street Glow Twin 6



Black lights are the new thing for case modders, although they have been out for a while, with the introduction of Street Glow�s Black Neon series, there has been a spark of enthusiasm among the modding community to again use black lights in their PC`s. Street Glows products are made for cars, but since cars output 12V in their cigarette lighters (which this runs off of), they can be easily modified to use in a computer setting. I just hacked off the adaptor and wired it to my baybus and low and behold, it worked. The kit comes with two 6� lights and an external transformer for both that allows the tubes themselves to be in the smallest form possible.


The tubes are small, but that only helps them fit into the tight spaces in your computer. Installation was a snap, each tube comes with a plug that goes into the transformer, out of that comes another plug to the cigarette lighter adaptor. I just hacked off the adaptor, figured out which was ground and which was line, wired and it was ready. It comes with screws so you may screw them into your case (or car) to get a snug fit.

The tubes themselves aren't very bright although one cant ask for too much in tubes this small. They do hold their own and light up the spots within about a 3 in radius of the tube. Also, if you keep the tubes near your soundcard like I do, at times I get a high pitched squealing noise. Might just be me but after a while it went away. This might be from interference because while they were in my car they didn�t seem to produce the same noise.


Overall this product is really nice, if you have a motherboard that is itching to glow, these are for you. Surf on over to BuyNeonLights.com and buy you some of these neons.

  • Little Heat
  • Bright for their size
  • Transformer is not large

  • Little pricey, but worth it

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