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Mushkin Radioactive 996958 PC3 12800 2X2GB Memory Review

Price: $114.99


There are so many choices out there for RAM at any particular speed now, so how can you choose what is the best RAM for you? It's pretty much personal preference these days with the RAM sticks running so close to one another in performance and price. The manufacturers are trying to give everyone a unique choice in the regards of color and aesthetics of their RAM so that may sway you one way or another. If you are building a computer with a particular color scheme, you are bound to purchase RAM to match the rest of your components, especially if you have a case with a side window. It is really great to see all the various and extreme choices that are available for RAM out there now, including the Mushkin Radioactive series we are reviewing today.

Today we are looking at the Mushkin Radioactive 4 GB dual channel kit, model # 996958. The specifications are DDR3-1600 @ 6-8-6-24 @ 1.65v, so rather tight timings for a set of PC3-12800 RAM sticks. They include the Mushkin Radioactive FrostByte heat spreaders to cool the memory even when overclocked.


Closer Look:

The Mushkin RAM came in a little different packaging than I'm used to - an aluminum box with foam inserts top and bottom to securely hold the RAM and protect it from even an overzealous shipping company. It includes the Mushkin logo on top and a stiffening aluminum border attached by aluminum rivets, along with a sturdy front latch. I can't say that I've ever received RAM in such a nice package as this before.














Here you can see the inside of the aluminum box with the foam snuggling the RAM like a baby in its mother's arms.


Here we see the front and back of the Mushkin Radioactive sticks with the Radioactive logo. The Radioactive FrostByte heat spreaders are a Mushkin design that produces a greater surface area and air turbulence to keep these memory modules cool and happy.



Let's take a look at how this memory performs.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Specifications & Features
  3. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  4. Testing: PCMark Vantage, Si Soft Sandra 2011
  5. Testing: Geekbench 2.1, Super PI 1.5
  6. Testing: Batman Arkham Asylum
  7. Conclusion
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