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Mushkin Io series 128GB SSD Review


Closer Look:

The Mushkin Io series 128GB drive is a 2.5 inch form factor drive making it an ideal drop-in replacement for a notebook or netbook mechanical hard drive, while still being able to be used in a traditional system. The front of the drive features the Mushkin branding, the drive type and capacity. The rear of the drive lists the interface type, voltage requirements, capacity, model number and serial number. To mount this drive you have a combination of threaded holes to be used. There are mounting holes on the side and bottom of the drive. Just in case you get a little curious about the contents housed inside Mushkin has sealed the drive, so that your two year warranty stays intact. The drive housing is a textured aluminum while the back-plate appears to be steel, both of which offer ample protection from prying fingers and the rigors of day-to-day use in a notebook.










The drive connectivity consists of an SATA power connection and data connection much like you would see on a mechanical drive. The two-pin jumper connection on the drive has been used on other drives as part of the method for updating the firmware. The rear end of the drive is featureless.



Since the warranty is something you will want to keep intact, just in case the unthinkable happens, OCC is happy to rip aside the warranty labels and show you what's inside the Io series drive. When you pull the cover off, you get a glimpse of the Samsung flash modules that carry part number KHCG08U5M, the INDILINX ARM controller and to the right of the controller, is the cache buffer. As far as I can tell by using the memory decoder on Hynix's site this chip is 64MB in size and operates at a frequency of 166MHz.



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