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Mushkin HP2 5300 (2x1GB) DDR2 667 Ram Review

Price: $200 USD

A major component of all computers is the memory. Without it, today's bigger, better, stronger, faster computers would be nonexistent. Computers utilize two types of memory, Main and RAM. You can think of main memory as a box that can hold a single byte of information. So if your computer has one megabyte of memory, it can hold one million bytes of information. Today, our focus will be on RAM (Random Access Memory), or read and write memory. RAM permits you to both read and write data to it. So basically, RAM needs a steady flow of electricity to contain its contents, meaning that once the power is turned off, all stored memory will be lost. So in order to work, RAM needs a steady flow of information or it will forget what it is holding.

Why is RAM such an important part of a computer system? Basically, with more RAM, your computer can hold more information that can be relayed back to you, which in turn allows for you to give more information to your computer.

Let's get ready to look at 'Big Blue'. I'm referring to the Mushkin HP2 5300 (2x1GB) DDR2 667 RAM.

Mushkin was founded in 1994 and is best known for producing Enhanced Memory Modules. It's headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado and provide performance enhanced computer products worldwide. Some of Mushkin's customers include Apple Computer and N.A.S.A. along with gamers and home users. Mushkin prides itself on quality, customer support and enhanced performance.

No more waiting lets look at these ram modules and put them to the OCC test.

Closer Look
The Mushkin HP2 5300 DDR2 RAM came delivered in a normal express mail package and was surprised to see that Mushkin has changed its design and is now shipping the RAM in a retail package from the factory. I have purchased RAM from Mushkin before and it came shipped in what I would call an 'air splint'

After taking the RAM out of its packaging, we can now see that this is a Dual Channel set of RAM consisting of two 1GB sticks.

Mushkin's Frostbyte heat spreader, to ensure performance and reliability, also enhances this RAM.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation, Specfications & Testing
  3. Overclocking Results/Testing
  4. Conclusion
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