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Mushkin 240GB Chronos Go Deluxe Review


Mushkin 240GB Chronos Go Deluxe Conclusion:

Mushkin has been diversifying its solid-state drive product stack over the past few years delving deeper into both the consumer and enterprise markets to grab a bigger piece of the storage pie. From the 2.5-inch form factor Callisto and Chronos, to enterprise products like the Pro Spec and newly introduced Scorpion PCIe drives, all the way down to the mSATA Atlas, Mushkin has all the bases covered. From a form factor standpoint, the 1.8-inch Chronos Go Deluxe is an interesting product, as it opens up a bunch of usage scenarios outside of just mobile computing. For example, one can easily place it in a small chassis for use in an HTPC or even fit one behind many motherboard trays in larger cases.

Installation of the Chronos Go Deluxe drive into a non-micro SATA equipped system, such as a desktop computer, will require a micro SATA to SATA adapter as the power connection is configured differently than we see with traditional SATA data and power connectivity. It is not really that big of a deal when adapters can be had for less than $10 from e-tailers. Pricing, however, is on the steep side at $399 currently for 240GB of capacity, but when you look at comparable products it seems the form factor does come with some unusually steep price points.

Equipped with 256GB of toggle-mode NAND flash managed by an LSI Sandforce 2281 controller, the Chronos Go Deluxe delivers excellent performance across the test spectrum. Rated to deliver read/write speeds of up to 560MB/sec read and 520MB/sec write, the drive meets or exceeds these performance parameters. Performance degradation over time should prove minimal with the drive supporting the TRIM command, if the operating system supports it, and 16GB of over-provisioning that reduces the capacity of the drive to 240GB; a common practice with SandForce controlled drives. Delivered with an MTBF rating of 2 million hours, or just over 228 years, you can reasonably expect the Chronos Go Deluxe to last well past the three-year warranty period. Outside of the pricing, I can say this drive performed up to expectations delivering its rated performance and then some more!



  • Small form factor
  • Full size performance
  • TRIM enabled
  • Three-year warranty
  • Sandforce Driven™ quality program approved



  • Pricing
  • Adapter needed 


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