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Mushkin Callisto Deluxe 60GB Review



What you get with the Callisto Deluxe is great performance across the test suite. Where this drive excels is in the small file write category, where it delivers superior performance when compared to other non Sandforce-equipped solid state drives. When you make that same comparison against a traditional spinning disk drive, the increase in performance is staggering and provides a huge upside to using an SSD for the OS drive in a system. Startup and shutdown times are significantly reduced when compared to a spinning disk drive. Startup time is reduced by 100%, while shutdown time drops to a mere four seconds. It's not just the benchmarks that tell the performance tale - benchmarks are just an indicator of performance, but it all really comes down to how it works in regular day-to-day operation. After I put an SSD through its paces on the desktop, I install it in my HP Mini 311 netbook to gauge what kind of performance I can get in terms of battery life and to see how the drive "feels" during my normal activities. This is, of course, entirely subjective without running benchmarks, but that is something tangible. What I have found is that the use of an SSD means the system feels quicker with less lag when accessing large files or simply when starting and stopping the system. Startup and shutdown are much quicker, as can be expected by the results on a desktop system with the effects amplified due to the lower processor speed. Another aspect to think about when installing an SSD in a portable computer is the added battery life you will see based on the lower power consumption numbers. Of course, this is less of a concern in a desktop system that stays plugged in.

During testing, this drive is used as the one and only drive in the system. As such, everything was loaded to it and resulted in the drive being filled to 50% of its capacity after the over provisioning is taken into consideration. The total amount of MLC Flash memory on this drive is 64 GB and is rated for a 60 GB capacity. Of that capacity, only 55.8 GB is available for use, so you have about 13% of the capacity set for wear leveling. While 55.8 GB of space is nothing to frown at, it does mean you have to make some decisions on what to load to the drive. However, at the $144 dollar price of the Callisto Deluxe, you can get a pair and run them in a Raid-0 configuration for really blistering speeds and performance for a comparable or lower cost than a single 120GB SSD. Mushkin continues to bring "Enhanced" products to the market and the Callisto Deluxe is a fine example of this. You get great performance for a very competitive price.


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