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Mushkin Blackline 997123R 16GB Review


Mushkin Blackline 997123R 16GB Conclusion:

Mushkin's Blackline series modules have always delivered excellent performance out of the box. The problem is that the rest of the comparison companies' modules pretty much do the same thing when run at the same rated speeds with little to tell them apart save for the amount of tuning time spent on the XMP profile and how much overclocking headroom is built into the modules. The rest of the qualifiers are the brand and whether you like the company and what they offer, such as the warranty and, in reality something that we all look at, the visuals; not to mention how it interfaces with the rest of the components we have in the system. First let's look at the performance on these Blackline 2400MHz-rated modules. For the most part, they ran right around the mean average during the synthetic tests, yet delivered the highest results in the stock gaming tests. Overclocked we did not see much of a jump in any of the results because I just could not get this set to clock up any higher than a 44MHz gain by using voltage, timings, dividers and different DIMM slots. That really was an eye opener and a first for me on a set of Blackline modules. I figured I was missing something, but nothing worked including the Hynix profiles on the M6E. Some modules just do not like certain boards and I may have found such a combination.

Now when you get to looks, that's subjective, but I like the design elements and pure functionality of the Mushkin Ridgeback heat sink design. The design incorporates part of the Get More logo as the fins on the assembly. The heat sinks are beefy to say the least and manage the thermal load quite well with minimal airflow over the modules. While not the tallest design around, and by no means is this a Mushkin exclusive, you may run into interference issues when using large air cooled heat sinks for the CPU – depending of course on which DIMM slots you use the modules in. Many people stick with one brand or another based on personal experience or a recommendation from a friend. Over the years, Mushkin has earned the trust and loyalty of many users with its commitment to quality by hand-testing each set of modules and delivering great customer service, not to mention a product that just works; when it doesn't, the lifetime warranty is there to soften the blow. Priced at $139, the 997123R 16GB Blackline modules are the lowest priced 2400MHz kit on Newegg at the time of this writing, presenting some incredible value for your money.



  • Cool Running
  • Performance
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price



  • Low Overclocking Margins


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