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Mushkin 997070 16GB & 994071 32GB Redline Memory Review



Looking at these two kits of memory from Mushkin shows that it has another pair of kits that deliver performance indicative of their specifications and more. First up are the distinctive good looks and functionality of the cooling solutions employed on each kit. The 32GB kit part number 994071 uses the "Ridgeback" design. This robust heatsink package uses a series of angle shaped (think Mushkin logo) fins on top of a thick body to effectively wick away the thermal load generated by these high density modules. Packing them into a four DIMM configuration like used in the testing will allow a higher heat load to be retained but is nothing to be concerned about. Using an air cooled CPU cooling solution would fix that issue as once air starts moving over the modules they cool down fast. The Frostbyte heat shield used on the 997070 modules is less robust but is still quite effective at shedding the heat load. The Frostbyte heat shield looks to have gotten a redesign that eliminates the clips used in the past to secure the halves of the shield to the modules. No worries though as the heat shields were seemingly more secure without them. Both the 994071 and 997070 kits are rated to run at 1866MHz using 10-10-10-27 timings with only 1.5v. In this respect the robust heat shields are overkill, but then again stock is not always what we run and the modules are equipped for almost every scenario including some serious over voltages. When it came to overclocking, these modules had what it takes to deliver high speeds without seriously loosening the timings. The 32GB kit was able to reach 2202MHz equal to a 336MHz bump in speed. The 16GB Frostbyte equipped kit reached even further with a 422MHz (22+%) boost in speed without significantly looser latencies at 11-11-12-28. Performance-wise the Mushkin modules deliver what the latencies are capable of delivering with performance in some test matching the 2133MHz rated comparison 32GB kit. Overclocking of course brings significant increases in performance with increases in both CPU and memory speeds. CAS Latency and raw speed both have impacts to performance. Finding that balance when overclocking is the key. The Third Generation Core i7 3770K seems latency tolerant allowing even CAS latencies of 11 and 12 to offer good performance. Memory module density increases allow the end user to populate all of the DIMM slots on a motherboard to maximize memory capacity. Not everyone will need or want to have this kind of capacity, however consumers heavily into content creation seem to run into memory limits, as if there is never enough system memory. These two kits from Mushkin can alleviate that concern and more. In a Z77 setup like that used for the testing you will be limited to 32GB of memory in a dual channel configuration. On an X79 platform you can use up to 64GB of memory in a quad channel configuration, perfect for the 32GB kit to take advantage of its speed and capacity.

Priced aggressively at $129 for the 997070 16GB kit and $259 for the 994071 32GB kit you get a lot of memory for your money allowing you the ability to maximize the potential of your system. By hand testing each of the modules it sells, Mushkin is confident of the product it puts out and backs these modules with a lifetime warranty to go along with the good looks and performance. Once again I find that Mushkin has brought an excellent set of memory to market that offers nice overclocking margins with performance to match. Get more... Indeed!



  • Good Looks
  • Performance
  • Pricing
  • Capacity
  • Overclocking
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Thermal performance



  • May not fully utilize the capacity


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  2. Specifications & Features
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  4. Testing: PCMark Vantage, PCMark 7, Geekbench, Super Pi 1.5
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  6. Testing: Metro 2033
  7. Conclusion
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