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Mushkin 996996 8GB DDR3 2133MHz Review

Price: $79.99

Mushkin 996996 8GB 2133MHz Introduction:

At one point in the not too distant past, we here at OCC used the Mushkin Redline 996996 2x4GB set of modules as part of our test systems - until we moved on to the 993997 16GB kit that feature the same timings and module size but was equipped with the Ridgeback heat sink package rather than the Frostbyte heat sink package used on the 996996 modules. However, we really never took a look at the 996996 modules to see what they really were capable of, which sets the tone for this review. Mushkin's Enhanced strategy delivers products that offer improvements in timings, speed, and cooling to go along with the lifetime warranty.

The 996996 kit consists of a pair of 4GB modules that are rated at 2133MHz and designed to run using just 1.65v. Currently priced at $79.99, the 996996 Redline modules are offered at a modest price point. Having used this kit extensively for about two years I'll be curious to see how well the performance stands up when coupled with the latest Z87 platform from Intel.

Mushkin 996996 8GB 2133MHz Closer Look:

The packaging is your standard blister pack that showcases the modules from a single side of the package with the marketing card between the top and bottom of the container. From the card, the Mushkin 996996 modules are presented so you know just what you are getting for your hard earned dollars. The front side of the marketing card features the Mushkin logo at the top left and the greater than sign behind the modules, indicating that you get more with Mushkin. On the back side of the ad card are instructions that illustrate how to install the Redline 996996 kit properly as well as a sticker that has the SKU, timings, part number, and voltage needed. 














What you notice about the Mushkin Redline modules is that they are well built and are equipped with Mushkin's time tested Frostbyte heat sink cooling technology. Of course it's red, since this set of modules is part of the Redline series of modules that are targeted at the high performance enthusiast and hardcore gamers that demand the best for their systems. This set of modules comes with a lifetime warranty in case things go a little south during an overclocking session. One side of the Frostbyte heat sink carries the Mushkin Enhanced and Redline logos while the other carries the product information/warranty sticker. This set of modules carries an XMP 1.3 profile that is set to run the modules at 9-11-10-28 using 1.65v to reach its rated speed of 2133MHz. Mushkin's Frostbyte heat sinks feature plenty of open space under the hod to allow airflow up and through the modules through convection to strip away the thermal load from the memory ICs and PCB.




The back of the package states in bold text "Get More". In the past this slogan has held true to form. I have no doubt that the modules will indeed offer excellent performance.

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