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Mushkin Joule 1000W Power Supply Review



Price Per the Watt:

Power Supply Mushkin Enhanced Joule 1000W at $229.99 = $0.23/Watt (05-2010)

The Mushkin Enhanced Joule 1000W is a great looking power supply (in my opinion), with a couple of features that may appeal to some enthusiasts. These are the option to run the power supply in multi or single 12V rail configuration and that the color of the fan lighting are both selectable via rear mounted miniature slide switches. The option to switch the fan lighting off altogether is there if, like me, you aren't a fan of case lighting.

The Mushkin Enhanced Joule 1000W power supply performed very well and produced a set of results that compare well against other power supplies in its class. The DC voltage load regulation is excellent and when combined with good AC noise/ripple levels means stable, good quality DC rails. The power supply carries no 80 Plus, SLI or Crossfire certification, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. For one reason or another, Mushkin Enhanced have chosen not to submit the power supply, but it doesn't mean the power supply isn't efficient or capable of reliably powering dual graphic card configurations. The Mushkin Enhanced Joule 1000W would be a great choice for any powerful high-end PC running graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire.

Power supply technology is constantly evolving and I don't think it's too much to expect the current crop of high-end power supplies to maintain 80% efficiency across the board. The Mushkin Enhanced Joule 1000W produced satisfactory results until fully loaded, at which point, the efficiency dipped to 77%. It's not really a problem and in no way affects the ability to reliably power a PC, but it does mean a few extra dollars on the electricity bill at the end of the year. What about noise? If you are thinking of running this power supply at or near full load, which is highly unlikely for full-time use, the fan noise will be a problem, so keep that in mind.

The Mushkin Enhanced Joule 1000W is a great performer and is certainly worthy of your consideration if you require 1000W of reliable, clean and stable power.



  • Great DC load voltage regulation
  • Modular
  • Mid-range loading efficiency
  • Five year warranty
  • User selectable fan lighting
  • User selectable multi/single 12V rail operation



  • Disappointing efficiency (77%) at full load on 110Vac
  • Noisy fan at full load


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  7. Conclusion
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