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Kingwin FPT-01S Multifunction Transfer Panel

Price: $27.95


I have been wanting to get one of those Compunurse temperature probes for sometime now.. One reason is because I don't really trust the "on-board" temperature reading diode, and I would like to have another temperature to compare with. However, right before I was about to buy one of those Compunurse probes, I found a company called KingWin, which had a familiar looking device, which came with a compunurse temperature monitors.


  • Fits In Standard 5.25 Drive Bay
  • 2 USB Ports
  • 1 Firewire Ports. (IEEE 1394)
  • 1 Microphone Input Jack
  • 1 Speaker Output Jack.(Headphones)
  • 1 Game Port For Use With Joy Stick
  • 1 LCD Temperature Sensor With Thin Probe (Battery Included)
  • Sticker To Label Temperature For CPU, H.D.D. and Chip
  • Extension Cable For U.S.B., Firewire, Sound, and Game Port
  • PCI Slot Interface Card To Route Extension Cables Outside To Back Of Case

    What's in the box?

  • The Multifunction Panel
  • (3) wire ties
  • (5) screws
  • PCI cover
  • Audio in/out wire
  • Game port wire
  • Dual USB wire
  • Firewire wire (Say that ten times fast, lol)

  • When I opened the box, all of the stuff was neatly packed in this slide out cardboard insert, it even had a little hole on the side, so you can slide it out of the box easier. That probably wasn't worth mentioning, but thought I'd let you know all the in's and out's :)


    The installation went really smooth, and the instructions were alright.. would have been nice if they were more detailed though. You will notice when you take the mutlifunction panel out of the box that the temperature monitor isn't on. The reason being is because you have to take a little white tag out from under the battery.

    This prevents the battery from making contact with the connectors, therefore keeps the monitor from coming on. All you do is get a flathead screwdriver or a penny and unscrew the battery cover, pull the little white tag, but the battery back in place, and then screw the cover back on.

    When you put the probe on your cpu, make sure that you don't have the big fat rounded black part under the heatsink, this would make the heatsink off balance, it could also prevent your heatsink from touching your cpu's core, and make your cpu overheat.

    To keep the probe in place you should use some tape. I used that super strong shipping tape, it should keep it in place for a long time :)

    In the box you will find a PCI slot cover, but this is not your ordinary cover. This cover has a slot cut out in it, so you can feed the wires to the back of your sound card, usb ports, ect..

    You need to feed the wires thru the slot cover, and connect the wires to the right peripherals.

    Once you have done that, you connect the other ends to the mutlifunction panel. There is a sticker on the ends of the plugs that say "UP", which means, yeah you guessed it, this side up. No brainer.. I didn't connect the firewire wire because I don't have a firewire card in this system, nor do I have a use for one.

  • Once you have everything connected, slide the multifunction panel in one of your empty drive bays, and securely fasten it with the provided screws.

    Here is what it look's like installed. Pretty cool looking, I think :) I like the contour design, the flat design get's old.


    Test rig:
  • Tyan Tiger S2460
  • WinXP
  • 512MB RAM
  • SB Live! X-Gamer

    I thought I should tell you how the temperature's differ from the probe, and the on board diode. Here are the results:

    On-board Diode
    Load: 42.3�c Idle: 33.1�c

    Temperature probe
    Load: 44.1�c Idle: 34.8�c


    I think if your looking for a port redirect and temperature monitor, this device is the best bang for your buck. However, it's does have downsides.. For one, the whole device seemed flimsy to me. Like when I was putting the screws in it to fasten it to my drive bay, I felt like I had to support it, in order to keep from breaking it. I think a better design would include a metal frame, and not plastic. Another thing, is the holes where you put the screws. They are not threaded. The screws you put in it, makes it's own threads. Just seems a little cheap to me.. You people with internal usb headers, aren't in much luck with this device. This device doesn't support the internal usb headers. You have to plug them in to your two USB headers in the back of your computer. However, it's a good deal, and it does what it's suppose to do! The price is certainly right! Compare it to the FrontX and it's half price! The FrontX doesn't even come with the temperature monitor. If it wasn't for the flimsy design, I would have made this product OverclockersClub Recommended.

    I'd like to thank Kingwin for providing this product for us to review. If your looking to buy this product surf on over to crazypc.com.

    • In-expensive
    • Boxed well
    • Does as advertised

    • Flemsy construction
    • Non threaded screw holes

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