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Scythe Mugen Max Review


Scythe Mugen Max Conclusion:

The Mugen Max is my first taste of a Scythe cooler, and while it is nice to test products that evolve over time, this is where the clock starts for me. Changes and improvements are driven by the competition. They range from the obvious performance improvements to easier installation and consideration for RAM clearance. Since I have not tested the previous iterations of the Mugen, I can't really say how much improvement the latest Mugen Max is over the others. But I will say that I was impressed with the Mugen Max. The way the large heat pipes are alternately positioned in the fin stack maximizes the exposure to the air flow and this of course is key to getting the thermal energy away from your CPU. The 140mm GlideStream fan quietly does its job of moving air through the fins.

If we look at stock performance for daily use, then the Mugen Max keeps the temps well under control. In fact, it outperformed many larger, more expensive coolers.  It ran even with the Noctua D15 with two fans!  So for your daily driver, the Mugen Max would be just fine. Things get a little warmer with an overclock, and the Mugen Max slips to the back of the pack of test coolers. I was hoping it would carry over the performance seen with no overclock, but the overclocked 4770K puts out a lot of heat. Adding a second fan may knock a couple degrees off the top and Scythe does supply a second set of fan clips to make it easier on you.  Still the Mugen Max keeps the temps under control.

Scythe gives you a two-year warranty, great performance, and great build quality.  You get an attractive cooler with a 140mm PWM fan that can handle the heat of overclocking. With the offset of the fin stack, there are no problems getting to your RAM with this cooler.  If you are looking for a big leap over stock cooling, the Mugen Max won't disappoint.



  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation
  • Offset heat sink for RAM clearance
  • AMD & Intel socket compatibility



  • Can't find official pricing


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