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MSI Z97 XPOWER AC Closer Look:

Every motherboard manufacturer has its own set of software tools that best works with its hardware; MSI is no different in that respect. Included with the Z97 Gaming 7 are the following tools.

Super Charger is used to manage the power supply through the identified high current USB 2.0 port to allow charging your portable electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, or multimedia devices. Fast Boot gives you a direct ticket into the BIOS when this option is enabled in the BIOS. The GO2BIOS button is needed since the keyboard is inactive when in Fast Boot mode. Smart Utilities is a tool that looks like a front end for access into Intel's Rapid Storage Technologies. The use of the Realtek ALC1150 codec brings with it the Realtek HD Audio manager control panel, which proves to be fully functional.















MSI Live Update 6 is useful for checking MSI's servers for updates to the installed utilities, BIOS, and drivers. This process can be run automatically or as a manual process. Simply choose what you want to do and start the process.



Command Center is MSI's tuning and monitoring program. This application has come a long way and features a yellow and black interface to go along with the theme. There are five functional areas with a few sub menus to include the CPU, GPU, DRAM, RAMDisk, and OC Genie. The CPU section allows the user to modify the clock speed and multiplier, increasing the speed of the processor. Voltage adjustments are available for all the pertinent voltages under the advanced menu at the bottom of the page. While not specifically spelled out with its own tab, the fan control feature set can be set to run in Smart mode or in a manually configured mode.

DRAM functionality is more limited here, but the basics work in this menu. The GPU Section is used when an MSI Gaming series video card is installed and calls up MSI's VGA Boost option to increase the current flow to the card for higher overclocking potential. The RAMDisk feature was something new with the MPOWER Max, but is now available for the Gaming and Overlocking boards, allowing the end user to utilize a portion of their system RAM as a small, fast storage drive to reduce the time it takes to open commonly used files. OC Genie leads the user through the steps to use this one-second overclocking feature set, while identifying the steps the controller takes to reach a successful overclock.




The Advanced section at the bottom of the utility allows access to three separate menus: Voltage, Fan, and DRAM. The voltage option allows the user to manually configure the voltages needed to run the processor and memory at max speed, or tune for the lowest voltages when running stock speeds. The fan section is where you will allow the fans to be tuned by the board's controller or set up manual profiles. The DRAM section allows for tuning memory sub timings from within the OS to help you find the best combination of settings.




Buried in the settings menu is a recording tool used to record how the voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds are tracking over time, to let the end user know if there is a problem that can then be tied to actions on the system. A new addition to the package is the ability to use a downloadable application to remotely manage the computer's settings, media streaming, and power settings through Wi-Fi. Eco Center, one of MSI's Guard Pro technologies, is used to turn on and off unused chips to improve power efficiency.




MSI brings a full suite of tools to the table for the end user. A fully functioning overclocking and monitoring tool is a must in today's competitive sales environment. With Command Center and OC Genie 4, MSI has this covered. A one-stop shop for all your overclocking needs.

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