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MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Review


MSI Z87-G45 Closer Look:

MSI has a rather impressive UEFI BIOS for being UEFI. I won't rant about how much I dislike UEFI (as I feel I've said enough) but at least this one works. The mouse isn't as responsive as you would expect it to be, but navigating with just the keyboard is possible. Ccokeman had some issues with his mouse, but despite the many I have laying around here I ddin't have the same issues ;must have been an odd mouse there, ccokeman. The Click BIOS 4's main page is a glorious red and black theme with the glorious themed dragon for the Gaming G Series. Your BIOS time reads at the top in modernized pretend seven (sometimes six) segment displays. Your boot priority order can be arranged graphically just below that by clicking and dragging the icons to your needs. I will say, this is one thing you MUST use your mouse for. However, you can change this order in the settings tab with your keyboard (in case your mouse doesn't work or you are lazy like me). The settings tab, whether you navigate there with the mouse or keyboard, brings up some more menu options. You can access your system stats, boot options, advanced settings, security options (password protection), and the save & exit menu, which many of you know as F10.  You have your most general settings in these menus. 
















The OC page is the page we all really care about. Here's where you can set your base clock, PCIE PLL, CPU Ratio, Turbo Boost options, Ring Ratio's, DRAM settings, and everything else you can so ever need. You can of course scroll down to see more (not that I show you)  but you can select XMP profiles for your RAM, SA Voltages for your board, and so forth. The point is, you can OC with this board, and for real! The M-Flash tab/button, what have you, opens up BIOS boot functions, a safe place to save your current BIOS before you hose it flashing to a newer one, and of course the menu to update your BIOS/re-flash your BIOS with the "Update BIOS" selection. If you have the new one downloaded already and on a flash drive you're ready to go. 



The Hardware monitor is a little more than you would normally expect to see in a BIOS. Besides the general infomation you can see under system stats, you can come here to see and set your temperature profiles for system fans. Using the five onboard fan headers you can set each one to run on a preset schedule where if the temperatutre is at X, the fan is set to run Y speed and have a max of Z RPM overall. It's neat on the conceptual level, but I ended up not really using it. I don't mind my rig being a little loud, but it is nice to see that you can work your system into a very quiet ideal machine. The final page I thought was most interesting and that is your "Board Explorer". It shows everything you have plugged into a slot as well as anything plugged into the back I/O panel. If nothing else you can at least see if your board thinks something is there, so if something is truely dead, you'll know quite quickly (well at least in some cases). It tells you a little about some of the items, for example the GPU being NVIDIA, but nothing too in depth for troubleshooting (that would be way too much work - seriously, no saracasm).  Overall it's not too shabby of a BIOS for being a UEFI.


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  2. MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Closer Look: The Motherboard
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  5. MSI Z87-G45 Specifications & Features
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  7. MSI Z87-G45 Testing: PCMark 7, SiSoft Sandra 2013
  8. MSI Z87-G45 Testing: Cinebench 11.5, x264, AIDA 64
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  10. MSI Z87-G45 Testing: iPerf, RMAA
  11. MSI Z87-G45 Testing: Gaming
  12. MSI Z87-G45 Conclusion
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