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MSI X58 Platinum Review


Closer look:

The accessories bundled with MSI's X58 Platinum are certainly more than enough to get you up and running in no time, although it doesn't come with anything out of the ordinary. The documentation in the user and installation guides is done clearly and it's easy to find the thing you are looking for. There's also the quick guide and the HDDBackup manual, which are nice additions to the usual paper work. Oddly enough, the drivers and MSI programs are distributed on two CDs, depending on which operating system you use, Vista or XP. The MSI Extras disc surprisingly contains no programs or anything that could be considered extras.








The quick start poster is pretty interesting, on one side it shows most of the important features also found on the box. It also gives a brief explanation on how to install drivers as well as a basic description of overclocking using the proprietary D.O.T. - Dynamic Overclocking technology - and what it does for you. The other side of the poster explains the point of CrossFireX technology with all the information needed to set it up properly as well as a couple key tips including which slot you should use if a single card configuration is used. On the right, there's a full scale picture of the motherboard with a list of the connectors, buttons and switches the user will interact with at some point.



The I/O shield has nothing spectacular to show except a noteworthy Clear CMOS button which is much easier to access than the jumpers found on a lot of boards. Other than that, there are eight USB ports, eSATA, Firewire and a pair of PS/2 connectors for those times where the USB keyboard won't work. Everything is properly labeled and color coded. Those two CrossFire bridges will allow you to run a pair of ATI cards.



The motherboard also comes with floppy and hard disk ribbon cables for those who still rely on them. For the rest of us, MSI supplies four SATA cables, usually enough for most people. I would have appreciated having a couple more, especially considering that the board has a total of eight SATA connectors. Finally, just in case your power supply doesn't have enough SATA power connectors, MSI included two Molex to SATA adapters.



The M-Connectors are a very welcome and awesome accessory that every board should come with just to save the user some frustration. These allow you to make all of the tiny connections coming from the case to a larger and much easier to access plug. Since the connections can now be made outside the case, this definitely makes the installation a lot easier. If you have ever tried connecting a front panel USB connection with its nine single wires you will understand the ease with which it can be done now.


Lastly, MSI bundled an expansion bracket that will provide you with two more USB ports. Although, with already ten of them, two more might not make much of a difference. Personally, it's something that will sit in the box, but some people just might need twelve USB ports.


Now that you know what's included with the X58 Platinum, let's take a closer look at the motherboard.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Bundled Accessories)
  3. Closer Look (The Motherboard)
  4. Closer Look (Drivers & Programs)
  5. Closer Look (The Bios)
  6. Closer Look (The Bios Continued)
  7. Specifications & Features
  8. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  9. Testing: (Apophysis, WinRar)
  10. Testing: (Specview10, PCMark Vantage
  11. Testing: (SiSoft Sandra 2009)
  12. Testing: (ScienceMark 2.0, Cinebench 10,HDTune 2.55)
  13. Testing: Far Cry 2
  14. Testing: Crysis Warhead
  15. Testing: Bioshock
  16. Testing: Call of Duty 5 World at War
  17. Testing: Dead Space
  18. Testing: Fallout 3
  19. Testing: Left 4 Dead
  20. Testing: 3DMark 06 Professional
  21. Testing: 3DMark Vantage
  22. Conclusion
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