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MSI Vigor GK80 Red Gaming Keyboard Review

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MSI Vigor GK80 Red Introduction:

One thing I see a lot of people overlook the most when building a gaming system are the peripherals that they are going to use to run it. Sure, having a fast CPU and the top of the line graphics card for the money will drive those games with beautiful resolution, but if you are using a sub-par keyboard then your movements may be overshadowed by the lack of input to tell the system what to do.

Not all keyboards are created equal and there are many different technologies out on the market that could give you that competitive edge. Ask yourself does a top-tier gaming streamer use a generic $20 keyboard? No, well then you shouldn’t either. I have seen many times a one-on-one battle end badly for someone with a cheap keyboard that could not get to the right place at the right time to win.

Sure, there are a lot of keyboards on the market right now, so how do you choose the right one for you? Well, that is an easy question to answer as you need to do your research and part of that research is letting us show you an arsenal to choose from. Today on the fighting bench we have for you the MSI Vigor GK80 Red Gaming Keyboard. The Vigor GK80 comes in two flavors, “Red” and “Silver,” which reference the type of keys used that were designed by Cherry. The version we have on the bench is the “Red” version, which utilizes the Cherry MX Red RGB Switches that are reinforced with aluminum to make a stronger, longer lasting keyboard.

One look at the keyboard and you can see it was designed with gamers in mind who want speed and stability for those long gaming hours. Without further ado, let’s dive in and take a closer look at the GK80.


MSI Vigor GK80 Red Closer Look:

The MSI Vigor GK80 Red Gaming Keyboard comes in a sleek and attractive packaging that right off the bat shows a full profile view of the keyboard itself with the MSI logo, MX Logo, and Gaming Gear logs on the front of the packaging sleeve. In addition, on the front, you see the Mystic Light logo that confirms that this keyboard works with the MSI Mystic Light feature to sync your colored lights across supported MSI gear including keyboards, mice, motherboards, etc. Flipping over the box shows another straight on profile view of the GK80 along with highlighting important features of the design including using Cherry MX Red switches, MSI Mystic Light software, Full RGB illumination, dedicated media keys, USB port pass-through, extra caps, and an ergonomic wrist rest.





Opening the inner packaging you get a better first look at the MSI Vigor GK80 keyboard in all of its glory. Right off the bat, you notice the WASD keys look very different, which we will get into better in the review, but you can already see how this keyboard takes features to a new level. Included in the packaging is the GK80 keyboard itself, the wrist rest, extra gaming keycaps, and the manual.



Now that we have the GK80 out of the box, we can get a better close up look.

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