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MSI R4850 Review



The MSI R4850...what is there to say about this video card - except that it rocked! The MSI R4850 was not only able to overclock higher than the Sapphire HD4850 that I recently tested, but the MSI card was also able to stay cooler under a full load than the Sapphire by about 20°C! I was very surprised when I saw that this card was competitively priced with the other HD4850 cards that have the stock cooling solution, which adds an extra value to the card. The performance of the R4850 surpassed the Sapphire HD4850 - not by much - however, in the benchmark world, every point makes a difference and adds even more value to the card. The only complaint that I have about this card is the fact that it only has 512MB of video RAM, adding another 512MB to the card would have made it a beast! In this day and age, everyone is looking for HD video and audio and great looking graphics; with the HDTV connectivity of the card, this will whet many peoples' taste buds. The technology that comes with this card, such as 55nm manufacturing technology allowing for higher clock speeds, and CrossFireX support allows for extra performance to be obtained if you are patient and take your time. I still cannot get over the cooling that was added to this card; when it was overclocked higher than the Sapphire HD4850 was, I still got 20°C lower core temps during a full load! If you are searching for a great looking card that will allow you get higher 3DMark scores, you have found your card. If you want to overclock your video card, you have found your card. If you are looking for the price for performance leader from ATI, you again have found your card! I would recommend this card to anyone who is looking to upgrade their current VGA configuration.



  • Price
  • Performance
  • HDTV connectivity
  • 55nm manufacturing technology
  • CrossFireX support
  • Cooling
  • Overclockability



  • Only 512MB Video RAM


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