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MSI N560GTX-448 Twin Frozr III Power Edition Review



The MSI GTX 560 Ti 448 Power Edition is an astounding graphics card that provided extreme performance for less money. The cooling is top of the line and its idle power consumption was the lowest out of both groups — even overclocked it used less power idling than the stock competitors! The MSI Afterburner software is extremely handy and makes it incredibly easy to push this card to its potential. The GF110 core supports 3-way SLI so there is no reason to complain about SLI limitations. The fans operate very quietly unless they are set to full speed and even then are nothing compared to the sound of a blower motor. The box is a nice clean design and the card is well protected inside. Overclocking the GTX 560 Ti was very enjoyable with a 29% gain over reference core clocks and a 19% gain over reference memory clock speeds and the temperatures were still well within the safe range

The only real con that could be mentioned and is mostly nitpicking is that a lot of the heat generated is vented back into the case. This isn't really a big problem especially if the case has good airflow but this is worth noting.

The MSI GTX 560 Ti Power Edition managed to keep up with and beat a GTX 570 in most of the testing while costing far less and still managing to have top notch temperatures, performance, power consumption at idle, and overclocking capability!




  • Excellent cooling
  • Great overclocking
  • Extremely Quiet
  • 3-way SLI capable
  • Complete accessory package
  • Performance
  • Triple Voltage adjustment with MSI Afterburner softwar



  • Dumps some heat back into the case


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  2. Closer Look: The Video Card
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  5. Testing: Aliens vs. Predator
  6. Testing: Metro 2033
  7. Testing: HAWX 2
  8. Testing: Lost Planet 2
  9. Testing: Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.5
  10. Testing: Just Cause 2
  11. Testing: Mafia II
  12. Testing: Battlefield Bad Company 2
  13. Testing: Futuremark 3DMark 11
  14. Testing: Temperatures
  15. Testing: Power Consumption
  16. Conclusion
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