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MSI GTX 770 N770 TF 2GD5/OC Review


MSI GTX 770 Gaming Conclusion:

After seeing how well the GTX 780 performed and how it was replacing the GTX 680, you had to see the writing on the wall that the GTX 770 was going to fit into the stack at a level just above that of the GTX 680. And here we are after running the MSI GTX 770 through the test suite to find that it does indeed deliver a level of performance above that of the GTX 680, and in many cases above that of a well overclocked 6GB HD 7970. MSI brings a card to the table in its GTX 770 Gaming that is tailored for the gamer with a comprehensive package that fits just about every situation using its G.A.M.E. spirit. You get the (G)aming App for one touch over/underclocking, (A)dvanced thermal design with the Twin Frozr IV cooling, (M)ilitary Class components, and (E)xperience - Predator, MSI's game capture software. Looking at each of the components of the G.A.M.E. spirit you can see how this philosophy works.

The Gaming App actually was a neat low overhead bit of software that worked as intended. If you want more tuning flexibility there is always Afterburner! I found the Twin Frozr IV cooler to be exceptionally quiet under load with no noticeable ramp up as the load increased. It was louder when manually raised to the maximum speed as you might expect, but the tone was more pleasing than the reference design. When you look at actual cooling performance, the Twin Frozr IV cooling on the MSI GTX 770 Gaming was an impressive ten degrees or 15% cooler than the reference design at stock speeds. By using air diverters in the fin array, the airflow generated by the 100mm propeller blade fans stays in contact with the fins longer to promote improved cooling.

GPU Boost 2.0 works a little differently on the GTX 7xx Series cards by using a temperature limit instead of a power limit. The cooler the card runs the higher the boost clock speeds will be as long as you stay under the temperature set point. In this respect we have a clear win over the reference card from NVIDIA and one of the coolest running cards in the comparison list.

MSI continues to utilize its Military Class components that meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G. On the GTX 770 gaming we get improved Super Ferrite Chokes, tantalum core Hi-C caps, and solid aluminum capacitors that improve efficiency, stability, and longevity. As an example, the MSI GTX 770 Gaming was more efficient than the reference design as good as it is! Using less current for the same or better performance is always a good trade off. Having a robust power circuit is great long term, but is needed to stabilize higher clock speeds. In this respect MSI's GTX 770 Gaming is equipped to fully realize all the clock speed potential that the GPU core is willing or unwilling to give up. On this card I was able to improve the core boost clock speed by just over 100MHz or close to 10% at 1254MHz. The GTX 770 is the first card equipped with true 7Gbps memory modules. Already clocked this high I was surprised to pull an additional 169MHz out of the modules for a final clock speed of 1921MHz (7684MHz QDR). On a percentage basis again we have a close to 10% boost for nothing more than your time.

As an NVIDIA-based card the GTX 770 Gaming has access to the entire ecosystem including SLI for improved performance by adding a second card; Surround and 3D Surround with the addition of a 3D Vision kit and 120Hz monitor package; PhysX and the latest from NVIDIA, the GeForce Experience that was just released out of beta last week with the Introduction of the GTX 780; built-in h.264 encoding; and more. MSI has put together a great card that leverages its technologies to meet the gamers needs. It runs cool and quiet, looks great, and just performs.



  • Twin Frozr Cooling Performance
  • Good Looks
  • Overclocking
  • Gaming App
  • Predator
  • Military Class IV
  • G.A.M.E. Spirit
  • GeForce Experience
  • SLI
  • Low Noise
  • Power Consumption
  • Better than GTX 680 Performance



  • None


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