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MSI GTX 650 Power Edition OC Review



The MSI GTX 650 Power Edition OC did great in all of the testing. It ran perfectly stable and had some of the best temperatures and power consumption numbers around. Hardcore gamers won't be interested in this level of performance but those on a budget should be if the price is right. MSI Afterburner was fully compatible with the card and allowed for some good overclocking. Fan noise wasn't noticeable when it was left on automatic, and full load noise wasn't bad. The innovative heat sink shroud is a great idea that works well and makes the card more one-size-fits-all universal. With the low power consumption and temperatures this would do well in a variety of scenarios: HTPCs, budget gaming/media computers, and so on. It would be nice to see some low-profile models come out.

The only real con that stands out is the placement of the 6-pin PCIe port. Having it exit straight out of the rear of the card makes it more difficult than would be necessary when setup in Dual Fan Mode. Had it been mounted to exit out of the side or had the port flipped over 180° even then there would have been no problems in disconnecting power. It isn't too hard to remove, but is worth noting.

The only thing holding this card back potentially is pricing. It looks like it is priced against the 7770, which is superior, whereas the 7750 would be closer to equal. The AMD cards can Crossfire whereas the NVIDIA cards are not SLI compatible. If a sale, game bundle, or price adjustment occurs this could be more competitive even. The card itself ran great!



  • Great temperatures
  • Innovative cooler design
  • Overclocking potential
  • Low power consumption



  • 6-pin PCIe placement


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  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: MSI GTX 650 Power Edition
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  5. Testing: Metro 2033
  6. Testing: Batman Arkham City
  7. Testing: Battlefield 3
  8. Testing: Unigine Heaven Benchmark 3.0
  9. Testing: Sid Meier's Civilization V
  10. Testing: DiRT 3
  11. Testing: Mafia II
  12. Testing: 3DMark 11
  13. Testing: Temperatures
  14. Testing: Power Consumption
  15. Conclusion
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