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MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60 Review


MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: Conclusion

Alright, time to wrap things up and bring this review home. For those who have stuck through the whole review, my ramblings about MSI's software and the testing phase can pretty much guess where my thoughts lay on these mice. For those who may have skipped around, I'll give a recap of what the Clutch GM70 and GM60 are all about. To break it down into easy-to-swallow paragraphs, I'll start with where the Clutch mice fall a bit short and then end on what MSI did right.

This may start to sound like a broken record at this point, but my major and only complaint is MSI's Gaming Center software. Before I get to that, I think I should point out that MSI never states what software to download in the included booklet. It just states to go to MSI's website, which isn't very helpful in my opinion. It may seem like a nick picky thing to talk about, but a lot of people are not patient enough to sift through a website for an unknown program. This can be an easy fix by just including what software is needed, so I'll stop myself here and let MSI sort this out for future production runs.

Back to the actual software. I will say that when it is working, I had a very enjoyable experience with it. However, it often reverted back to defaults when a mouse was unplugged or the computer was restarted. MSI does not include any sort of user guide or ReadMe, which leaves the user confused about what each function does. You, as an owner of one of these mice, will no doubt have to Google things to figure out how these settings play a role in the bigger picture. It is very easy to click on something or move a slider and not know it. Even worse, there is no default button (other than different profiles), which does not help the situation. Having played with all the settings, I found myself using different profiles and taking pictures to note what is default so I could compare the settings I just changed.

This software also controls another major selling point to some gamers, which is the macro key function. MSI once again has no user guide or information like total key length combinations or a "How-To" guide for using the record function. Even so, it was dodgy at best and often either would not function properly or soft lock the Game Center software until I rebooted the computer, as I couldn't change any settings after restarting the program by itself. I will say that software can be patched and I'm sure MSI will not ignore this problem. However, these problems alone are stopping me from truly enjoying the mice to the fullest, because when it works, I love it.

Now, for the good information, which is much need after I ranted about MSI's software once again. Both of the mice feel great in my hands. They're well balanced, have the buttons in all the right places, and the interchangeable grips make a difference when it comes to your hand grip. The R&D team at MSI really did a nice job and designed these mice to feel comfortable after long gaming sessions. I think we all have experience hand cramps and it just takes you right out of the zone. Good news is I didn't experience any of that, which is a big part of making a good product become a daily driver.

I already covered this in the testing section of the review, but when tuned right, the MSI Clutch mice have a competitive edge when playing FPS games. The software is very easy to navigate and has a ton of options for tuning the mouse to your personal specification. MSI isn't the only one to do this, but I found the layout to be easy to understand, which makes a difference when customizing.

To wrap this review up, I genuinely felt that the mice gave me a competitive advantage. Whether it was the RGB, smoothness of the mice after editing the parameters, or just a placebo effect, it didn't matter. I kept winning game matches and getting out of sticky situations that were seemingly impossible previously. The MSI Clutch GM70 and GM60 are well-rounded mice, aside from a few hiccups in the software department.




  • Feel great
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy-to-navigate software menus
  • RGB FTW!



  • Buggy software
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