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MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60 Review


MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: MSI Software

MSI has integrated the mice into its Gaming Center software, so if you happen to have an MSI keyboard, mouse, or headphones, you can control it all in the same place and not have three or more programs open. Kudos to MSI for making a straightforward layout of the customization and setting configurations.

However, this is where the happy train ends and things get messy. Starting off, MSI didn't say which program to download in the pamphlet nor did it have any description of what any of the functions do. Some are based on common sense, like Lift-Off Distance or Double Click Speed, but for the rest, it was a mixture of stuff I already knew or took a bit of Googling to figure out. The information icon up in the top right corner just tells you what version the software is and nothing else.

Continuing the messiness, MSI's manual is non-existent on the website. This left me a bit annoyed, seeing how I want to test all the functions for the review, but didn't know what some of them actually did. I think the average gamer isn't going to know what half these functions do and in turn, make the mouse feel sluggish to use. This is a massive misstep for MSI to not include any sort of ReadMe guide.

Right before writing this, I double checked the included booklet to make sure it didn't have more than the basics. MSI has not provided any help guide or ReadMe type file for the Gaming Center software either. That can be resolved with an update, but to buy a mouse and not know you need software to fully use it or what software to download will just lead to buyer's remorse.

Now that that is all out of the way, once I did get around to figuring out all the settings did, it is easily the most customizable mouse I've come across that had everything in one place.




When it comes to flair and eye candy, MSI has the right idea to include RGB lighting and allow the user to pick and choose what looks best to them. However, it didn't always work. I had lots of issues getting the colors to apply and sometimes when I restarted the computer or closed the program, all the lights reverted back to the red default, even though the software still reflected my last changes. For the GM70, whenever I plugged in the USB cord or removed it, the light bar settings reverted to red most of the time. It wasn't very constant, but annoying to say the least.

Besides that, not all the colors give the same appearance as in the menus. Orange looks like a muted yellow and some of the color combinations didn't play nice with each other when one color would dominate the light bar in intensity. This part I suspect many RGB light bars have problems with and isn't an exclusive MSI thing. But nonetheless, I was a little disappointed that OCC orange and blue were downright ugly on the mouse as neither one looked close when put into practical use.




And then comes the macro menu. For those who are not familiar with macro functions and what they are, I'll give a little refresher. The basic idea of a macro is to allow a string of commands to be set as a single action. It roughly translates to if you want the key commands of A+B+1+2 activated from one button, you can set that to the F Key, or whatever you like. For a mouse, the macros can be mapped to any button on the mouse itself.

When it came to actually mapping macros and recording these actions, MSI's software isn't up to the task, and neither does MSI provide any information about how many keys can be mapped or the record length. It was completely hit or miss. Sometimes It would accept 40+ keys and other times five didn't even work. On top of that, applying the function usually didn't work a good amount of time either and the only solution I found was closing the software and reopening it. Then going to the extreme and trying 200 keys soft locked the program, where I was unable to apply any macros until the computer was restarted. Closing the program and reopening it had no effect on the soft lock. It must have been some Windows service that was preventing the settings from being applied.

However, it wasn't all a miss. When the macros did work, I didn't have any complaints, although the functions tended to revert back to defaults if the computer was restarted. All these problems seem to be software related and I'm sure an update will come out to fix all of this. As of September, the last update was from June: version


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