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MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60 Review

Price: $100~

MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: Introduction

Today I'm going to be reviewing two of MSI's newest gaming mice to hit the market. While MSI is not the first to move strictly from a motherboard manufacturer to a gaming peripherals lineup, the company has made great strides to develop and deploy quality products to keep up with the competitive market. The Clutch GM70 and GM60 are no exception to this and add to MSI's well-rounded portfolio of gaming peripherals with Mystic RGB Lighting, customizable buttons, macro functions, and rated for over 50 million button clicks.

It seems like these Clutch mice have all the necessary ingredients for a great product. My review kicks off with the unboxing, then onwards to the hands-on testing, and finally the observations while using these daily for the past few months.


MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: Video Review

Before you get too far into this review, those who prefer watching a video over written content can check out my video review. All the subject matter is covered, and if you want to return later for a few extra details you can do that, too. As for the video itself, OCC appreciates all feedback to make our content better as a whole. Please feel free to leave a comment in the video or in the forums and let us know what works and doesn't. Video reviews are a fairly new platform for most computer hardware reviewers and only by trial and error can we make the content better for you and everyone else. This is why your feedback is important to us!




MSI Clutch GM70: Packaging

First up is the Clutch GM70 wireless gaming mouse. It comes in a nice colorful box and gives a good indication of the actual size of the mouse, albeit the image is slightly larger than the real-life counterpart. Flip it around and the side and back give all the visual information needed to assess if this is something that is up your alley. The things most notable are Mystic Lighting, wireless support, 18,000 DPI and a handful of other things. MSI did a good job getting the necessary information across in a minimalist fashion.




After opening up the box I was greeted with three layers. The top layer was the actual mouse and default grip size. Below that was a replacement top shell that originally I thought was larger, but on closer inspection is the same size as the other one already attached to the mouse. One of the biggest complaints I've come across during mice reviews is how hard it is to describe the size, feeling, and comfort level it may have in someone else's hands. Everyone's hands are different, so it is very hard to judge if it will be a good fit for everyone. Therefore, I am not sure why MSI choose to include a second identical top faceplate, since the first one is sturdy enough to withstand some abuse. It would have been better to include a slightly larger or shaped differently one for the many types of hands.

As for the side grips, there is nothing actually stopping the different combinations and that is great! I've seen similar ideas on other mice to give an extra layer of flexibility, however, I would have also liked to see a redesigned faceplate for people with larger hands. This seems like a missed opportunity on MSI's part since the packaging space is already available.



MSI Clutch GM60: Packaging

Second up is the Clutch GM60, which is much more of a standard packaging design than most companies use. Just don't get hung up on the box design as it really isn't important as far as I am concerned. I care more about the functionality than what a box looks like. However, that being said MSI does put all the necessary information on it, if you happened to glance at it in the store. A lot of times a bit of flash could be what sways someone to impulse buy. In this case, it wouldn't be a bad choice on the buyer's part. The major difference between these two mice is the GM70 has wireless support whereas the GM60 does not.




What's included in the box can clearly be seen behind a protective plastic shell. On one side is the wired mouse, with the other side housing the same replaceable top cover and different size grips that the GM70 provides. Unlike the GM70, the GM60 is wired and limited to 10,800 DPI. All the RGB functions, macros, and high click count are still present in the GM60, however.

  1. MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. MSI Clutch GM70: Closer Look Continued
  3. MSI Clutch GM60: Closer Look Continued
  4. MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: MSI Software
  5. MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: Specifications & Features
  6. MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: Testing & Results
  7. MSI Clutch GM70 & GM60: Conclusion
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