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MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo Video Card Review

Price: $116.99


With the overwhelming number of video cards to choose from on the market today, how do you know what to get? Which will meet your needs while also keeping the pocket book happy? Do you need lots of performance or just something to make the pictures look pretty? It all comes down to what you really want to do with that box full of parts. What if you want both performance and pretty pictures? Well MSI (Micro Star International) may just have you covered with one of its latest releases. The MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo has a special feature built into it that allows for a quick change from mild to wild on the card's GPU core and shader clock speeds. It does this by utilizing two separate BIOSes that can be accessed with just the push of a button. One touch video card overclocking has come of age. Features on the MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo video card include 256MB of GDDR3 memory, 600MHz core clock, 1600 MHZ memory speeds, HDMI capabilities, solid capacitors and so much more. Follow along as I find out what kind of performance the Twin Turbo delivers.


Closer look:

The packaging of the MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo features the face of a medieval knight with that grim ready-for-battle stare. The main features of the card are highlighted on the front as well as the rear faces of the box. Dual core center is a proprietary piece of software for overclocking and monitoring the card and is featured on the front panel. The back panel illustrates the "Twin Turbo" dual BIOS function that increases the GPU core and shader clocks with the simple push of a button. Another exclusive that is mentioned is the Mazarine DVI output.



The NX8600GT is packed securely in a foam block and is wrapped in an anti-static bag to prevent any damage during shipment. Much better than the plastic clamshell with out anti-static protection that some manufacturers use. Under the foam block that secures the NX8600GT is the included bundle of accessories.



The bundle of accessories that comes with the NX8600GT includes the manual and quick user's guide, a DVI to D-Sub adapter, an S-Video to component dongle, an S-video cable and the application and driver disc.


Now that we have seen how the package gets to you and what is inside, it's time to dig a little deeper into the subject of this review, the MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo video card.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Installation
  4. Configuration
  5. Specifications & Features
  6. Testing ( Setup,Benchmark FarCry)
  7. Benchmark: F.E.A.R.
  8. Benchmark:BioShock
  9. Benchmark: Call of Duty 2
  10. Benchmark: Quake 4
  11. Benchmark: NFS: Most Wanted
  12. Benchmark: 3D Mark 06
  13. Benchmark: RyderMark
  14. Conclusion
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